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Our Confession
We affirm the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We covenant to teach in accordance with and not contrary to the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message.
Our Core Competencies

With our confession in mind, Southeastern’s faculty attempts to develop five Core Competencies in students through a Southeastern education.  Every student should seek to develop in…

  • Spiritual Formation Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an authentically Christian way of life, manifested by trust in God, obedience to Christ’s commands, and love of God and neighbor.

  • Biblical Exposition Demonstrate the ability to properly and effectively interpret, apply, and communicate the Scriptures.

  • Theological Integration Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the doctrines of Christianity to life and ministry.

  • Ministry Preparation Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and Christian disposition necessary for ministry and leadership in the church and the world.

  • Critical Thinking and Communication Demonstrate the ability to think critically, argue persuasively, and communicate clearly.

We strive to do all of this while cultivating in students a delight in God, His Word, and His Church.

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Biblical Studies | English | Global Studies | History | History (Pre-Law) | Humanities | Interdisciplinary Studies | Justice & Social Ethics | Pastoral Ministry | Pastoral Ministry (BA/MDiv 5-Year Option) | Philosophy | Social Studies | Student Ministry | Theology | Worship Ministry

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies
Designed to equip persons for leadership in Christian ministries that require a special expertise in biblical studies and exegesis in the original languages. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in English
Promotes an understanding of literature, trains students to think critically, write effectively and encourages them to reflect on the central issues of the human condition - all from a Christian perspective. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies
Introduces students to the variety and complexity of world cultures for the purpose of gospel contextualization and preparation for graduate level study. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in History
Prepares students to be able to understand the present, evaluate the past and examine the story of humanity from a Christian perspective. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in History (Pre-Law)
Prepares students for a future in the legal profession by teaching the skills and knowledge identified as necessary by the American Bar Association’s Section of Legal Education. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities
Introduces and trains students in the classical works of literature, history, theology, philosophy and many other fields. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
The major in Interdisciplinary Studies is a non-licensure program of study that prepares students for further graduate work and work in an elementary school setting. It builds upon the classical education offered in our core curriculum through coursework in mathematics, history, literature, science, theology, and philosophy. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Social Ethics
Assists students in constructing a biblical framework through which to understand and evaluate how God’s righteousness applies to ethical topics important in personal life, family relationships, the Christian community, and contemporary society. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry
Designed for those who feel God's call to serve as leaders in local church ministry. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (Hunt Scholars)
Students preparing for the pastorate at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) now have the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Divinity in five years through the Hunt Scholars Program.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
Introduces the major issues and problems in philosophy to foster the intellect and heart for Christian engagement of the various fields of philosophical study and debate. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies
The major in Social Studies is designed to help the student understand world history and the various social factors that have shaped it. It is a non-licensure program that is ideal for students that desire to do additional work at the graduate level for a teaching license. Moreover, the graduate will be equipped for a wide range of ministries and vocations, and be well prepared for graduate work in seminary, graduate school, or law school. View catalog description.

Student Ministry
The Bachelor of Arts in Student Ministry is designed to train student ministers who envision student ministry as a partnership between church and family, with the goal of developing students as maturing disciples of Christ. In addition to the foundational course in student ministry, the major will train potential ministers in evangelism, discipleship, counseling, and communication. Additional courses in student ministry, Bible exposition, and discipleship provide a foundation for further study at the Master’s level. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology
The student will be introduced to the study of God and man, Old and New Testament theology, as well as additional courses in selected doctrines, theologians and eras. View catalog description.

Bachelor of Arts in Worship Ministry
Equips the student with biblical and theological foundations of Christian worship along with building the musical and leadership skills necessary for ministry in the local church. View catalog description.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
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Our Mission
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.
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