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Spring 2014 Course Descriptions

Admissions and Registration
Please click here to download the BWI Admissions and Registration form and return it to the Women's Life Office.

If you are a returning student in BWI, please follow these instructions to register for classes in the Biblical Women's Institute.

Term 3: January 20th through March 13th

WST0130: Christian Doctrine
Carrie Gilliam, Saturday, February 15th & Saturday, March 8th 8am-5pm
This class is designed to introduce the student to the broad concepts of systematic theology. This will be accomplished through weekly required reading in the text book, and through weekly lectures designed to provide a summary of the general areas of systematic theology. Also offered online.

WST0400: Church Planting I
Dr. George Robinson, Thursday Afternoons, 3:30-6:20pm
This course is a basic orientation to the biblical, theological, sociological, and practical dimensions of starting new churches.

WST0310: Counseling Women
Kathy King, Tuesday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
This course will examine life’s problems and solutions through a biblical worldview while addressing specific women’s issues. The class will help the student to understand the nature and importance of “biblical counseling” and how it is distinct from all other counseling. The student will also become familiar with biblical counseling resources that are available.

WST0120: New Testament Survey I
Dave Kerr, Thursday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
Together, New Testament 1 & 2 are designed to be an overview of the books of the New Testament. NT 1 will serve as an introduction to the Second Temple period, the New Testament world, the four gospels, and the life of Christ. Also offered online.

WST0210: Old Testament Book Study
Zach Mullis, Thursday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
This will be a study of the book of Jonah.

WST0230: Women and Evangelism
Debbie Stephenson, Saturday February 8th & Saturday February 22nd 8am-5pm
This course will prepare women to share their faith with other women. The apologetics part of the course is designed to assist women heading to the mission field by helping them learn how to evangelize people from other worldviews and religions. The majority of our time together in the apologetics portion will focus on covering apologetics in general.
Also offered online.

WST0520: Worldviews: Apologetics & Philosophy
Rion Bell, Tuesday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
This course is designed to equip the Christian with fundamental knowledge of a range of worldviews and religions. The goal of the course is to gain conversational ability with some basic Christian doctrine, as well as that of other worldviews, keeping the aim of evangelism in view. 
Spring 2013 Course Descriptions (cont.)

Term 4: March 17th through May 9th

WST0410: Church Planting II
Dr. George Robinson, Thursday Afternoons, 3:30-6:20pm
This course is a continuation of Church Planting I.

WST0260: Family Life
Dr. Daniel Akin, Friday, April 4th 6-9pm & Saturday, April 5th 9am-12pm
This course will help students understand Biblical standards for marriage and how to apply these standards in their own marriage and family life.

WST0370: Intro to Biblical Languages
Instructor to be determined, Tuesday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
This course is designed to provide an overview of language, concentrating on the biblical languages of Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. The course will compare and contrast the biblical languages to English with a focus on understanding basic linguistic ideas such as grammar, syntax, style, genre, and others. The course will also address issues in translation and introduce students to tools for study in the original languages.

WST0550: Living on a Limited Income
Instructor to be determined, Thursday Evenings, 7pm-9pm

WST0160: Ministering to Women in the Local Church
Chris Adams/Denise O’Donoghue, Saturday, March 22nd 8am-5pm and Saturday, April 26th 8am-5pm
This course is designed to provide you with an overview of God’s design and purpose for women’s ministries in the local church as demonstrated throughout Scripture. Both Old and New Testament teachings will form the basis for our study models. Application will be made to the church setting, and will be practical in nature. Class sessions will include lectures on the theology of women’s ministry as well as providing ideas and plans for women’s ministry.
Also offered online.

WST0122: New Testament Survey II
Dave Kerr, Thursday Evenings, 7pm-9pm
Together, New Testament 1 & 2 are designed to be an overview of the books of the New Testament. NT 2 is a continuation of WST0120 and includes the biblical history of the Apostolic period, Apostolic epistolary literature, and the Apocalypse.
Also offered online.

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