The Equip Network

Entrust, Empower, Educate

Empowering local churches and ministry organizations to take an active role in the theological education of their students

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary believes that some theological education is best done in partnership with the local church. As part of the Center for Pastoral Leadership and Preaching at SEBTS, The EQUIP Network empowers churches and ministry organizations to offer accredited and accessible courses to students at the highest level of theological training. The EQUIP Network weds the seminary experience with real life ministry opportunities to provide students with the most integrative ministry training available. Students can fulfill the remaining degree requirements through our integrative online, hybrid and/or campus-based classes.

The EQUIP Network desires to entrust theological education back to local churches and other ministry organizations, not by transporting a seminary program, but by resourcing you to accomplish your vision for equipping leaders to serve Christ’s church and fulfill His Great Commission. To this end, we encourage EQUIP leaders not to limit their mentorships only to credit-seeking students but to design their courses to allow non-credit seeking individuals to participate. EQUIP courses enable ministry leaders to provide theological training to credit seeking students while also including non-credit seeking staff, deacons, small group leaders, and all other disciples by using similar curriculum for these courses. These opportunities have the potential to leverage discipleship programs in order to maximize a church or ministry organization’s disciple-making strategy. 

Up to 36 Credit Hours

There are two categories of courses that can be offered every spring, summer and fall.

Bible Exposition I: Hermeneutics & Preparation

Bible Exposition II: Communication & Delivery

Administration & Education in the Local Church

Pastoral Ministry & Leadership

Christian Leadership


Personal Discipleship & Disciple-Making

Christian Missions

Developing a Church Planting Methodology

Church Planting in a Global Context

Biblical Counseling (Counseling Training Required)

Mentored Internship

Missions Practicum

6 EQUIP Compatible Degree Options

EQUIP courses can apply towards any degree (on both the graduate and undergraduate levels); however, these degrees are most compatible and can be fully completed at a distance. Students should consult their degree program to identify which courses apply toward their specific degrees.

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I have long been convinced that the best theological education takes place in a partnership with the local church and the seminary. Don Carson calls this “utopia” for training ministers. I agree! Seminaries are well equipped to provide excellent training in the classic disciplines of theology, biblical studies and pastoral ministries. However, some things can only be learned well in the refining fires of real life ministry. EQUIP brings these worlds together as well as anything I have seen in my 40+ years in ministry. The results have far exceeded my expectations. That is why no one is more enthusiastic about this program than I. Check it out. You will not be disappointed.

-- Danny Akin, President, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary