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Vocational and General M.A. Degrees

Our Confession
We affirm the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We covenant to teach in accordance with and not contrary to the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message.
Our Core Competencies

With our confession in mind, Southeastern’s faculty attempts to develop five Core Competencies in students through a Southeastern education.  Every student should seek to develop in…

  • Spiritual Formation Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an authentically Christian way of life, manifested by trust in God, obedience to Christ’s commands, and love of God and neighbor.

  • Biblical Exposition Demonstrate the ability to properly and effectively interpret, apply, and communicate the Scriptures.

  • Theological Integration Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the doctrines of Christianity to life and ministry.

  • Ministry Preparation Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and Christian disposition necessary for ministry and leadership in the church and the world.

  • Critical Thinking and Communication Demonstrate the ability to think critically, argue persuasively, and communicate clearly.

We strive to do all of this while cultivating in students a delight in God, His Word, and His Church.

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Biblical Counseling | Christian Education | Christian Education with Biblical Counseling | Christian Ministry [Mentored]* | Church Planting | Christian Marital, Family and Individual Counseling* | Ministry Leadership | Ministry to Women

Our Vocational and General Master of Arts degree offers a foundation in biblical studies and theology and also allows students to study in a particular discipline. The program takes most students 2-3 years to finish.

Biblical Counseling
The guiding foundation for Southeastern’s counseling program is that the Scriptures are sufficient for understanding people as spiritual, moral, relational and psychological beings. This program equips men and women who wish to minister the truth and grace of God in the context of the local church. View catalog description.

Christian Education
Teaching men and women to obey Christ is an important part of the Great Commission, and Southeastern’s Christian Education program revolves around that purpose. This concentration equips students to be godly leaders in a variety of ministry positions in a local church. View catalog description.

Christian Education with Biblical Counseling
God’s Word is the foundation of Christian growth and discipleship, and the churches that have strong leaders in those areas will doubtless be stronger churches. This program equips students with necessary tools to undertake local church ministry in these two essential areas. View catalog description.

Christian Ministry [Mentored]*
*Pending approval from ATS. This degree is designed to equip students to serve on the staff of a local church or another ministry organization in non-senior pastoral roles. It is comprised of the vocational MA Core plus 12 hours of selectives. View catalog description.

Church Planting
The Master of Arts in Church Planting is a specialized 36 hour degree track offered by SEBTS in partnership with denominational missions sending agencies. It is designed to prepare students for missionary service focusing on church planting. The degree combines on-campus and/or Distance Learning course options, as well as field-based ministry and practicum requirements. This degree can be earned completely online, along with the field ministry and practicum components. View catalog description and the MACP Packet

Please complete the MA Church Planting interest form here as a supplement to your completed application.

Christian Marital, Family and Individual Counseling*
*Pending approval from ATS. We need God’s Word to interpret God’s world and the persons within it that he created in his image and likeness. Biblical and theological training are essential to full-orbed Christian counseling; therefore, our degree includes nine courses (27 credit hours) of such training. The remainder of the courses in this degree (45 credit hours) are in family, marital, and individual counseling, with approximately half of these courses being oriented toward theoretical and conceptual foundations and the other half devoted to practical training in counseling skills and methods. View catalogue description.

Ministry Leadership
The Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership degree (“The LEAD Program”) is designed to equip students with the competencies necessary to serve as effective ministry leaders in churches, parachurch organizations and denominational entities. The LEAD program focuses on the development of knowledge and competencies in three basic ministry results areas: Leadership, Education, and Discipleship. View catalog description.

Ministry to Women
The purpose of the Master of Arts in Ministry to Women is to prepare students for effective ministry through courses that focus on roles of biblical womanhood, teaching and discipleship, and evangelism specifically to women. Courses will provide an overview of biblical womanhood, insight into counseling, teaching and discipling women and girls, and instruction in the practical outworking of the Christian life. The program will also provide opportunities for guided experience through a supervised field ministry requirement, thus enabling students to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. View catalog description.

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Our Mission
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.
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