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The Master of Divinity

Our Confession
We affirm the Bible as the authoritative Word of God. We covenant to teach in accordance with and not contrary to the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message.
Our Core Competencies

With our confession in mind, Southeastern’s faculty attempts to develop five Core Competencies in students through a Southeastern education.  Every student should seek to develop in…

  • Spiritual Formation Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue an authentically Christian way of life, manifested by trust in God, obedience to Christ’s commands, and love of God and neighbor.

  • Biblical Exposition Demonstrate the ability to properly and effectively interpret, apply, and communicate the Scriptures.

  • Theological Integration Demonstrate the ability to understand and apply the doctrines of Christianity to life and ministry.

  • Ministry Preparation Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and Christian disposition necessary for ministry and leadership in the church and the world.

  • Critical Thinking and Communication Demonstrate the ability to think critically, argue persuasively, and communicate clearly.

We strive to do all of this while cultivating in students a delight in God, His Word, and His Church.

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M.Div. Core Curriculum  |  Preaching and Pastoral Ministry  |  Christian Ministry  |  Next Generation Ministry  |  Christian Ethics  |  Biblical Counseling  |  Ministry Leadership  | Ministry to Women  |   Christian Apologetics  |  Advanced Biblical Studies  |  Worship Leadership  |  Missiology   | North American Church Planting  |  International Church Planting

At Southeastern, we asked, “What curriculum best prepares students to take the gospel to the nations and their neighbors today?”

The answer: Southeastern’s new 81-84 hour Master of Divinity degrees.

All of our M.Div. programs now have a stronger core curriculum to better equip our students biblically, theologically and practically for their current and future ministries. If you are looking for challenging and thorough preparation for whatever God is calling you to, our new M.Div. curriculum is the track for you. 


Advanced M. Div
The program allows your Christian Studies work at the College at Southeastern, or similar school, to place you into advanced discipline-specific electives, thus removing unnecessary curricular repetition. The Advanced Master of Divinity is designed to prepare pastors, missionaries and other Christian workers for a life of effective kingdom service and requires a minimum of 60 hours of course work. View catalog description. If you qualify for the Advanced M. Div, you may also qualify for the Southeastern Collegiate Partnership.

M. Div. Core Curriculum
View catalog description.

Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
At the heart of Southeastern’s mission is to provide trained, passionate and humble men of God to serve as pastors in Southern Baptist and other evangelical churches.  The impact of godly pastoral leadership in building Christ’s church cannot be overstated, and that is why the M.Div. with Pastoral Ministry is still one of the most popular concentrations at Southeastern. View catalog description.

Christian Ministry
Probably the most flexible degree program at Southeastern, the Christian Ministry concentration allows students to receive a strong core education while giving them the freedom to pursue elective courses in several specialized areas like biblical languages, theology, missions, or any other field. View catalog description.

Next Generation Ministry
The Next Generation Ministry track is designed to train ministers who envision ministry focused on children, students, or collegiate ministry as a partnership between church and family with the goal of equipping the next generation as maturing disciples of Christ. Built upon the M.Div. Core, this track provides for specific training on issues related to the next generation including the opportunity for specific emphasis in student, collegiate, children or family ministry. View catalog description.

Christian Ethics
Southeastern has one of the strongest programs in Christian Ethics in North America, thanks in large part to three full-time ethics professors, each of whom hold doctorates in the field. This allows Southeastern to offer a higher level of ethical training, more diverse classes and a better student-mentor relationship. View catalog description.

Biblical Counseling
The guiding foundation for Southeastern’s counseling program is that the Scriptures are sufficient for understanding people as spiritual, moral, relational and psychological beings. This program equips men and women who wish to minister the truth and grace of God in the context of the local church. View catalog description.

Ministry Leadership
Teaching men and women to obey Christ is an important part of the Great Commission, and Southeastern’s Christian Education program revolves around that purpose. This concentration equips students to be godly leaders in a variety of ministry positions in a local church. View catalog description.

Ministry to Women
Ministering to women in the local church is a high calling and one worthy of the highest level of training and preparation. This program equips women to lead and teach in a wide variety of ministry settings. View catalog description.

Christian Apologetics
Students with a keen interest in engaging the culture with the claims of Christ will be interested in the concentration in Christian Apologetics. This degree program is effective in training men and women to present cogent and winsome arguments for the truth of the Christian faith. View catalog description.

Advanced Biblical Studies
This degree program is designed for those who want a higher level of training in biblical languages and exegesis. It’s a great program for aspiring pastors, missionaries, or those who wish to pursue an advanced degree and teach in a college or seminary setting. View catalog description.

Worship Leadership
Our triune God created this world for His own glory and pleasure, and it is His intention that people across the world will worship Him for eternity. This concentration is designed to equip leaders with essential skills to provide effective worship leadership so that God’s people can worship authentically. View catalog description.

This degree is designed to equip students with the competencies necessary to serve as effective missions leaders in churches, denominational agencies, and other missions agencies in both North American and international settings. View catalog description.

North American Church Planting
Southeastern has a desire to train up leaders with vision and drive who will go to difficult places, particularly urban areas in the United States, and plant churches that will plant churches that will plant churches, and so on. This program, under our Lewis A. Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies and in partnership with the North American Mission Board, equips leaders to plant effective churches. View catalog description.

International Church Planting
Those called to serve Christ on the international mission field deserve the best training for this ultimate task, and they can receive it through this program. In partnership with the International Mission Board and under the direction of the Drummond Center, this program includes time on the mission field as part of program completion. View catalog description.

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Our Mission
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.
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