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SCP Course Replacement

SCP Course Replacement

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The SCP is limited to a total of 30 credit hours through tests and intensives, but you may be eligible for course replacement if you have completed other courses in the defined curriculum.  This process allows a student to replace a course completed at the undergraduate level with a more advanced course (provided a grade of either A or B was earned).


Students will be allowed to take approved courses as replacements if they meet all of the following criteria: (1) the course must have been taken at a recognized, accredited institution, (2) the undergraduate course content overlaps with a course required towards a graduate degree at SEBTS, and (3) the student received an A or B in the course.

Below is a sample of approved CORE replacements for students who graduated from The College at Southeastern. For other courses and for students from other institutions, the student should contact the Registrar's Office for a complete transcript evaluation. Note: SCP Advanced Intensives are viable course replacements. For Greek and Hebrew, students should take the next level course in sequence and will receive credit for prior courses if the student earns an A or B in the higher level course.*

C@SE Course Approved Replacement(s)

GEN1100 Intro to Coop Program Requirement Waived

OTS1110/1120 Old Testament Intro I/II
OTS**** (5000 level and above)
HEB**** (6000 level and above)
BTI6600 Old Testament Theology

NTS1110/1120 New Testament Intro I/II

NTS**** (5000 level and above)
GRK**** (6000 level and above)
BTI6700 New Testament Theology

BTI1100 Hermeneutics

BTI**** (5000 level and above)
GRK6000 Greek Exegetical Elective
HEB6000 Hebrew Exeg. Elective

HIS2110/2120/2130 Church History I/II; Bapt History

HIS**** (5000 level and above)
HTH**** (5000 level and above)
BTI6800 Bibl/Hist Found Bapt Pol.
ETH7501 Hist of Theological Ethics
EVA6720 Prayer & Spirit'l Awaken
GEN6931 International Study Tour
MIS6800 History of Chr. Missions
PHI7800 Philosophy of History
PMN6710 Bapt Pol., Memb, & Disc.
PRS6670 Bapt Preaching Heritage
THE7900 Study of Select. Theolog.

MIS4510 Christian Missions

MIS**** (5000 level and above)
EVA6991 Pract in Int'l Evangelism

EVA1100 Personal Evangelism

EVA**** (5000 level and above)

THE3110/3120/3130 Christian Theology I/II/III

THE**** (6000 level and above)
HTH**** (6000 level and above)
BTI6600 Old Testament Theology
BTI6700 New Testament Theology
MIS6700 Theol of Chr World Missn
PHI7610 Philosophical Theology
PMN6750 Into to Theol & Culture

PHI2500 Christian Philosophy

PHI**** (5000 level and above)

ETH3600 Christian Ethics

ETH**** (5000 level and above)

COM3610/3620 Bible Exposition I/II

PRS**** (6000 level and above)

For a complete transcript evaluation, please contact the Registrar's Office:
(919) 761-2215

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