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Francis Schaeffer: Building on the Legacy

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The L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture seeks to engage culture as salt and light, presenting and defending the Christian faith and demonstrating its implications for all areas of human existence.

The Center has a two-fold purpose: (1) To convey graciously and apply effectively the Christian worldview to all areas of culture and to the human condition; (2) To encourage and support the Church in its redemptive work.

Francis A. Schaeffer

Date: Nov. 30th

Lecture: "Sex, Lies, and Secularism"

The two greatest apologists of the 20th century were C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer. Interestingly, many scholars have built upon, extended, and developed Lewis's insights, but no one has really built on Schaeffer's legacy. 

In her first lecture, Nancy Pearcey demonstrated how Schaeffer's concept of the split view of truth--his famous image of truth divided into a lower story and an upper story--are just the tips of the iceberg.  They signal a profound two-story dichotomy that runs all through modern thought.  It is especially illuminating to trace these ideas through their expression in the arts and humanities.

In the second lecture, Pearcey showed how powerful and effective the two-story analysis is if developed creatively beyond Schaeffer's own writing and applied to some of the most controversial and cutting edge issues of our day.  And what could be more controversial than issues of sex and reproduction, abortion and gender identity?

What we will find is that secular thinking on these issues is best understood precisely in terms of a pervasive dualism, and that Schaeffer's categories maybe the best tool for making sense of modern secular thought.

Speaker Biography:

Nancy PearceyPearcey studied under Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri in the early 1970s.  Afterward she earned an MA at Covenant Seminary and did additional graduate work at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.  She has taught at Biola (Visiting Scholar, Torrey Honors Institute), World Journalism Institute (Francis Schaeffer Scholar), and Philadelphia Biblical University (Professor and Scholar of Worldview Studies). She is currently Professor in Apologetics and Scholar in Residence at Houston Baptist University and editor at large at The Pearcey Report.

Hailed in The Economist as "America's pre-eminent evangelical Protestant female intellectual," Pearcey has been an invited speaker at dozens of Christian colleges and universities, and on campuses such as USC, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, University of Georgia, Dartmouth, Stanford, and Princeton.

Pearcey has published hundreds of articles in outlets such as The Washington Post, The Washington Times, First Things, Christianity Today, Books & Culture,  and the Regent University Law Review.  As founding editor of BreakPoint radio, Pearcey wrote 1000+ radio commentaries and edited thousands more for broadcast.  A former commentator on Public Square Radio, Pearcey has made 100+ media appearances, including Hot Air TV, Bill Bennett Show, Dennis Miller Show, the Dennis Prager Show, NPR, Fox & Friends, and C-SPAN's Book TV.

Pearcey's books include The Soul of Science and the award-winning, bestselling titles Total Truth and How Now Shall We Live? (coauthor, with Charles Colson & Harold Fickett).  Her lectures for the Center for Faith & Culture are adapted from her latest book Saving Leonardo.

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