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Prerequisites for Admissions

The following are the more common FAQs about the application process as well as some important details about admission into the program.

First, admission to the program is competitive. Therefore, any evaluation of application materials (like transcripts etc.) or suggestions related to a student’s application are recommendations from the Office of Ph.D. Studies concerning how to put forward a compelling application for the Ph.D. Committee. 

Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to distinguish himself or herself in the following areas:

  • G.P.A. (3.5 and above)
  • An acceptable GRE score
  • Writing sample (4-6k words including footnotes)
  • References
  • Major Professor Evaluation
  • Graduate coursework (strength of your core courses and specialization in the area being pursued)
  • Personal statement
  • Other required items
  • Entrance exam

The applicant should contact the professor with whom they would like to study in the application process.

Second, competitive applications will show proficiency in Southeastern’s M.Div. Equivalency Core which consists of:

      NT Survey I, II (6hrs.)  Doctrine Survey I, II   (6hrs.)
OT Survey I, II (6hrs.) Church History I, II (3-6hrs.)**
Greek I, II (6-9hrs.)* Hermeneutics (3hrs.)
Hebrew I, II (6-9hrs.)*  Baptist History (3hrs.)

*Biblical language expectations depend on the applicants given Area of Study.
**Applicants must have studied the Patristic, Medieval, Reformation, and Modern

Third, competitive applications demonstrate a further specialization in their desired area of study.   Applications are weighed against other applicants in their respective area of study.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to establish through the various application elements that he or she is fully prepared for the rigors of the Ph.D. 

Finally, the total strength of one’s application will be evaluated, though the Office of Ph.D. Studies does not provide specific steps for applicants who wish to strengthen their application.  Nor will the Office of Ph.D. Studies reveal information relative to the current applicant pool.   

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