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Program Philosophy

Excellence in all things and doctoral research: At Southeastern, we are committed to seeing Christ have first place in all things (Col. 1:18), including the life of the mind and the scholarly vocation. For this reason, all research doctorates in Southeastern’s PhD program strive for the highest standards of intellectual rigor and academic excellence. All dissertations are reviewed by world-renowned experts in the field, maintaining the quality, rigor, and integrity of the academic process of doctoral research. Further, students at Southeastern have the opportunity to study with leading authorities in given areas around the globe through independent studies, and in some cases, through co-mentorship.

Christ the Center: This commitment to excellence in all things is driven by the person of Christ, who is the clue that unlocks the whole of creation. Southeastern’s commitment to academic excellence is coupled with a faith commitment to approach the Scripture as God’s Word, living, active, and fully breathed out by God, so that the people of God might be equipped for every good work in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 3:16-17). Excellence in scholarship remains deeply rooted and nourished by the Christian faith, and at Southeastern, the integration of faith and learning is unapologetically affirmed as an essential characteristic of the Christian scholar.

Integrative and Communal: The Christian faith affirms that it is a corporate body, working cooperatively to glorify the Lord and serve him in all things. In light of this, the PhD program at Southeastern integrates a wide field of disciplines into the student’s learning experience, including theological method, critical thinking, and hermeneutics. Lectures, colloquia, and conferences help students discover together in a vibrant learning community. Social events also provide opportunities to live life together and to experience fellowship, encouragement, and support for students, spouses, and the entire family.

Excellence in Mentorship: PhD students learn through mentorship and supervision, which lies at the heart of the PhD program at Southeastern. Students are taught by world-leaders in their areas of specialization and are closely mentored by well-established and published scholars. Mentorship begins in the student's first semester and continues until the student completes the program. But key to the student's learning experience is the year-long focused mentorship with the student’s major professor. Through mentorship, students find both an academic guide that leads them through the terrain of scholarship and a spiritual guide that brings the academic life under the lordship of Christ.

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Our Mission
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission.
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