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Single Undergraduate Females

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We would love to talk with you more about the life of a student at Southeastern.  For more information or any questions please contact the Student Life Office at (919)761-2305 or
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The C@SE House System

The C@SE House System operates within the Student Life Office yet works closely with the Housing Office which is responsible for student housing.

The purpose of the C@SE House System is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission by cultivating student communities that foster: Great Commission living, academic excellence, community identity and enduring friendships.

Involvement in the C@SE House System shapes virtually every aspect of our student experience. The Houses are led by students and driven by our mission to equip students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. Students will build close friendships, grow spiritually, academically and have plenty of fun!

The House Leadership Team helps to accomplish this in three ways:

  • The House Leadership Team serves as a resource. They aid students as they transition to campus, answer questions, direct students to appropriate departments, assist with roommate conflicts, handle emergency situations, and listen to students with concerns.
  • The House Leadership Team also holds students accountable in many areas of their personal life including academics, spiritual growth, time management, and encouraging students to make wise personal choices that will glorify God. In addition, the House Leadership Team keeps students accountable for respecting college property and abiding by housing policies.
  • The House Leadership Team builds community and provides opportunities for students to get connected with fellow students. The House Leadership Team provides a variety of programs and encourages students to attend other campus events.

House Leadership

  • Female & Male Chancellors – House Leaders
  • Fellow – Catalyst for Great Commission Living
  • Regent – Developing deep community
  • Scholar – Inspire a love for learning

Benefits of House System

  • Capitalize on community
  • Develop their own identity and mission statement
  • House elections
  • House competitions

The following Undergraduate Residency Policy is in place:

  • All residential students with less than 72 credit hours completed toward their degree are required to live on campus in designated residence halls.
  • Once a student completes 72 credit hours, they may choose to remain within the designated residence halls (provided space is still available), move to another area of campus housing, or move out of campus housing.


  • Students who are 22 years old at the time of enrolment.
  • Students who are married.


  • Students who marry during enrollment will be allowed to move out immediately.
  • Students who turn 22 during the middle of a semester will be allowed to move out at the conclusion of that semester.
  • Students who will be living with their parents or legal guardians.*
  • Students who have dependents.*
  • Students who are dually-enrolled.*
  • Students with certified medical needs or other circumstances.*

*These requests for an exemption must be made to the Housing Office in writing. All exemptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests for exceptions or exemptions must be submitted before the following deadlines to be considered:

  • For current students
    • October 31 for spring semesters
    • March 31 for fall semesters
  • For incoming students
    • December 15 for spring semesters
    • July 31 for fall semesters

The Housing Office retains the right to deny a request or initiate a move due to space limitations.

Please see the Residence Hall Statement of Policy for the benefits and responsibilities of living in a residence hall.

For Students Who Have Completed Less Than 72 Hours

Undergraduate women in the C@SE House System will be placed accordingly in Lolley Hall.

Share a dorm room with one other person in Lolley Hall.

  • Due to increased enrollment, private rooms are currently not available
  • Utilities included (Wireless Internet, Electric, Water, Sewer)
    • Phone jacks are available in the rooms for phone. Occupant is responsible for activating the jacks with the phone company.
    • A dorm phone is furnished in the lobby of the dorm for free local calls. Phone cards can be used from this phone.
    • Cable TV is furnished in the dorm parlor and kitchen dining area. Cable outlets are not available in the dorm rooms.
  • Furnished dorm room
    • Furniture includes a twin bed (mattress is XL 36" X 80"), desk, desk chair, dresser and clothes closet
    • Small dorm refrigerators are permitted in the rooms. 
    • No cooking appliances are permitted in the rooms.
  • Bath facilities: suite baths
  • Kitchen facilities:
    • Full kitchen on basement level including stove, refrigerators, microwave, cabinet storage for each dorm room and dining area
    • Hall kitchens on each floor including refrigerators and microwave

For more information please see our Lolley Amenities Listing.

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