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Student Activity Groups

Student activity groups at Southeastern help encourage spiritual growth and promote fellowship for the seminary and college community. They also aid students to gain knowledge and skills that will help prepare for ministry. Each activity group is committed to being a godly example of fellowship and love, to nurture and train members to be Christian examples in all that they do, and to follow the moral and ethical guidelines found in Scripture as interpreted in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000, and the Student Handbook.

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Current Student Activity Groups

Faith and Film: Do you enjoy movies? Do you also enjoy engaging others in conversations about movies and their particular worldviews? Faith & Film is a Student Group designed to provide such a forum where you can enjoy movies, explore their meaning, and evaluate their message in light of the Gospel in order to engage the culture. The group will meet throughout the semester to watch various influential movies and discuss their worldviews. Members of the group will be committed to regular attendance, edifying dialogue with one another, and growing in their ability to engage the culture (in personal evangelism, writing reviews, etc.) Members of the group will also have the privilege (and are encouraged) to contribute to the Faith & Film website ( So, if you are interested in enjoying and evaluating films within a community of believers in order to engage our culture, please contact Brandon Terry for more information.

Passion for All Lands (PAL): Do you have a heart for the nations and want to pray for Christians around the world as well as the persecuted church? Come and join PAL for a time of worship and prayer with a global focus.

Insérvimus: Insérvimus is a SEBTS Ph.D. Journal student group that encourages Ph.D. students to work together, and really serve one another by teaching and learning from one another's specialized fields so as to become well rounded scholars. We strive to accomplish this goal by publishing Insérvimus, a yearly journal made up of papers written by SEBTS Ph.D. students. Twice a year we host a meeting where a select number of the published papers will be presented. Thus this student group provides valuable experience to Ph.D. students in publishing their work, presenting papers, and serving on an Editorial Board.

Southeastern Outdoors Club (SOC): Want to explore God's creation and learn how to steward it well? What about how to use the outdoors as a means to spread the Gospel? The SOC seeks to glorify God through the discipleship and stewarding of God's creation.

Southeastern Literary and Arts Magazine (SLAM): SLAM provides a community where students can share creative works of literature, such as poetry and prose, and visual art alongside critical essays. Publishing annually in the Spring, SLAM accepts submissions year round. Intern reader positions are also available. 

The Southeastern Board Society: Do you love the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins? How about the feeling of fresh powder drifting past your face? Maybe it's the air rushing by you as you accelerate down the concrete waves, or breaking the glassy water as you glide through it. This is what excites us in The Southeastern Board Society. We are a group with a common love for all things boarding (Long-boarding, skateboarding, wake boarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc). The heart of this family is to love its community by acts of service and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ while boarding together. 

Justice 23: Justice 23 seeks to equip students to fulfill the great commission by means of seeking justice and the good of the people in this city. Seeking to connect students to local organizations and ministries working to aid the poor, homeless, orphaned, trafficked, and foreign refugees in the spirit of the Lord, Justice 23 believes that as students study the Word of God at SEBTS, they must also take time to give in doing justice outside the classroom. What good is education if it does not shape hearts and lives today? Justice 23 equips students to practice the more important matters of the Law as Jesus said in Matthew 23:23. "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices - mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law - justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former."

Missionary Formation Society: Do you love missions? Would you like to join hands with other students to serve and pray for the lost? The Missionary Formation Society exists to help you reach your community and the world with the gospel. Join us in serving through missional hands-on projects as well as regular Haystack meetings, which are held on campus to educate students about ways to engage and pray for unreached peoples and workers.

Performing Arts Club (PAC): Do you have acting experience and want to use it? Have you ever wanted to perform but never had the opportunity? Check out the Performing Arts Club. PAC is a group of Southeastern students that enjoy live action performance in front of audiences. We want to sharpen your performance skills in hopes God can use you in Christian and non-Christian settings alike. Come join us or see us live and be ready to have a good time. Questions or concerns please send them to

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