Ph.D. Colloquial Series

The SEBTS Ph.D. Colloquial Series is a forum that is designed to stimulate thought, advance scholarship and build faith in the life of the doctoral students, faculty and friends of Southeastern. Scholars from around the world are invited to give an academic paper in a congenial and communal context. Roughly 6-8 colloquia are held throughout the year, providing Ph.D. students an opportunity to interact with world-class scholars from a variety of disciplines.

Past Colloquium Speakers:

Dr. Peter Williams (Tyndale House, Cambridge and University of Cambridge)

Dr. Albert Mohler (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Craig G. Bartholomew (Redeemer University College, Canada)

Dr. Jay Richards (Discovery Institute)

Dr. Alan Bandy (Oklahoma Baptist University)

Dr. Ryan Stokes (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Thomas Bergler (Huntington College)

Dr. Paul Gould (Faculty Commons)

Dr. Chad Brand (Boyce College)

Dr. Peter Gentry (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

Dr. Edward Crowther (Adams State University)

Dr. Bethany Jenkins (The Gospel Coalition)

Dr. Ben Witherington (Asbury Theological Seminary)

Dr. Scott Rae (Biola University)

Dr. Arturo Azurdia (Western Seminary)

Dr. Bruce Gordon (Yale Unversity)

Dr. Thomas Kidd (Baylor University)