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Faith & Culture

The specialization will equip students to lead their people in navigating the different streams of culture from a biblical and missional perspective. Students will be taken to the intersection of theology, culture, and church in an effort to build an appropriate framework for contextualizing the gospel and the church, especially for North America. Students will develop skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate 20th Century perspectives on theology and cultural context. Attention will be given to the Christian response to such cultural issues as gender and sexuality and human dignity. Students will be taught to articulate their views and equip Christians for cultural engagement and cultural apologetics from a Christian perspective and with confidence. The specialization will show students how to engage thoughtfully rather than retreat from the cultural issues of today.

This program is designed to be completed while continuing to serve in a ministry context. The program provides opportunities for advanced study in intensive seminars, courses and field settings. It combines academic study and experiential learning under faculty and field supervision to integrate theology and practice.

Attention will be given to biblical and theological understanding and account of culture. Students will critique contextualization models and practices. An examination of select cultural issues and challenges to the Christian faith will allow for thoughtful consideration of ways for Christians to respond. Students will learn to think holistically about how the gospel informs everything a Christian does in this world.


This program includes a 1-credit hour program orientation, a 3-credit hour Minister as Person and Professional workshop, a 2-credit hour integrative theology workshop, 12 hours of intensive seminars, 4 hours of contextualized learning experiences, and 9 hours related to the student's final project.




31 hours


3 years

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What courses will I take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.
  • DMN 8504 - Church in its Cultural Context
  • DMN 8505 - Gender and Sexuality
  • DMN 8506 - Cultural Apologetics
  • DMN 8508 - Human Dignity

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What can I do with this degree?

D.Min. graduates serve in ministry positions, and the program is designed to equip them to serve at a higher level of professional competency.

  • Lead well in the local church
  • Equip others to lead

Who will teach me?


Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Distance Learning

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Professor of Theology, Ethics and Culture

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Senior Professor of Theology

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