Program Policies


Upon official acceptance into the D.Min. program, a student has up to one year to register for the first seminar. Failure to matriculate in that time period, without prior permission from the director, will result in the need to repeat the admissions process beginning with the pre-application stage.

  1. Seminars will begin in the morning and normally end at 6 p.m.
  2. Class participation will affect the student’s final grade.
  3. Students are required to attend every session of the seminar. Any absence may necessitate repeating the seminar. An approved absence would require the approval of the professor and director of the D.Min. program and will only be approved under unusual circumstances (funerals or other emergencies).
  4. Missing a seminar may cause the loss of a student’s position in his or her cohort group.
  5. Due to the cohort-based nature of the program, any student dropping or not showing for a workshop and/or seminar must contact the D.Min. office immediately. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the program.
  6. Dress for seminars will be business casual. Please note the weather conditions during the seminar. The variance in winter to summer temperatures is great in North Carolina. 
  7. For further requirments visit the Degree Requirments page.

  • Faculty Chair Approval Form 
  • Faculty Chair Semester Report
  • SBL (Paper Template)
  • Writing Checklist