Course Types

Whether online or in class, every classroom is a great commission classroom.

Online classes

Innovative online classes include engaging lectures and interaction through threaded discussions and possible live class meetings.

The content you will receive is designed specifically with Distance Learning students in mind. It is both accessible and convenient for your schedule.

Classes at Southeastern deliver theological education and ministry training allowing you to stay in ministry and develop your skills through online education.

At Southeastern, every classroom is a Great Commission classroom, whether it is online or on campus. Our classes will challenge you to have a heart for the nations and equip you to better serve in ministry.

Online Classes FAQ

What’s the schedule for online classes?

Online classes follow the same semester calendar as on-campus classes – approximately 16 weeks for fall and spring and 11 weeks for summer. Each week, students watch lectures, complete assigned reading and interact with online assignments and their professor.

Do online classes meet at a certain time each week?

No, our online lectures are pre-recorded which gives students the convenience of watching the lectures each week at times that fit their schedules. Online students are given the opportunity to interact with the other students and professors through threaded discussions and other forms of interaction throughout the semester.

Can I complete my full degree online?

Yes! We have four graduate level degrees you can complete fully online.
Fully Online Degrees

How much do online classes cost?

Online class tuition is equivalent to an on-campus class. For more details, please refer to the Tuition & Fees page.
Tuition & Fees

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Hybrid classes

Online students often desire to know their fellow students and professors. Online classes provide ways to do this well. However, in order to keep the convenience of online classes and increase student interaction with classmates and professors Southeastern launched the first-ever hybrid class in the spring of 2009.

Hybrid classes utilize online lectures and assignments along with on-campus class time. For one weekend of the semester, hybrid students come to campus for face-to-face interaction. Friday and Saturday class meetings provide a way to remain living at a distance and interact with other students and professors.

Hybrid Classes FAQ

How many times do I have to come to campus?

For hybrid classes, students only come to campus for one Friday 12-9pm and Saturday 8am-5pm of the semester per class.

How do I know which weekend my class meets?

In the Self-Service class description, your syllabus, and the class CampusNet page, the hybrid weekend should be clearly stated. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email the Distance Learning office.

What if I can’t attend my hybrid weekend?

Students must attend the entirety of the on-campus portion of the class in order to receive credit for the class. In case of medical emergencies, contact the Distance Learning office.

Do hybrid classes count as “on-campus” credit?

If your hybrid meets in Wake Forest, North Carolina, then it will count as on-campus hours. If your hybrid meets at a location other than in Wake Forest, then your class will not count as on-campus credit.

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Extension Centers

Excellent and qualified faculty members, both full-time and adjunctive, teach our students at extension centers.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary operates several extension centers throughout the southeastern United States. Core classes and track requirements are offered at these centers and can be applied toward a master's or undergraduate degree. Extension center classes can be combined with online, hybrid or five-day break classes.

Extension classes meet at an extension center of Southeastern. Classes are typically closed, so students will need to be affiliated with the cohort/extension to take the class.

Extension Center FAQ

How many hours can I take at an extension center?

The amount of hours a student can take at an extension center depends on the degree he or she is pursuing. Please contact our office so that we can walk with you through your degree program.

Can I complete an entire degree at an extension center?

While you cannot complete an entire degree at an extension center, you can complete any of our fully online degrees by combining extension center classes with online and Wake Forest hybrid classes.

Do extension center classes count as “on-campus credit”?

Extension Center classes do not count as on-campus credit.

Tuition and Fees

The tuition and fees for Extension Center classes is the same as all Southeastern classes.

Conference Classes

Southeastern Seminary offers students the opportunity to receive seminary or college credit by attending conferences on Southeastern’s campus or select conferences throughout the country. Conferences are an excellent opportunity to receive world-class training, and the option to receive class credit serves as an additional bonus. Conference classes held in Wake Forest are a great way for students to receive on-campus credit for conference classes such as 9Marks and the Go Conference. Regardless of where the conference is held, students should always register for the conference (through the conference webpage) in addition to the class through the Registrar’s office. In order to receive class credit, students will need to attend all sessions for the conference as well as any additional classroom time and assignments included in the class syllabus. Please be aware that students are responsible for both conference fees and tuition fees for these classes.

Conference Classes Available

SBC Conference

A study of the history, structure, and work of the Southern Baptist Convention. This is a tuition-free class that requires students to attend the Southern Baptist Convention (Monday through Wednesday). Students are responsible for the expenses associated with the convention (travel & lodging), and will meet as a class periodically during the convention.

Classes offered
  • HIS6811

- The Southern Baptist Convention
Registration will open for this class when Summer/Fall registration opens in March.

Payment information

Students must pay for housing and travel related costs.