About the EQUIP Network

Empowering local churches and ministry organizations to take an active role in the theological education of their students.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary believes that some theological education is best done in partnership with the local church. As part of the Distance Learning office, The EQUIP Network empowers churches and ministry organizations to offer accredited and accessible courses to students at the highest level of theological training. The EQUIP Network weds the seminary experience with real life ministry opportunities to provide students with the most integrative ministry training available. Students can fulfill their remaining degree requirements through our integrative online, hybrid and/or campus-based classes.

The EQUIP Network desires to resource you to accomplish your vision for equipping leaders to serve Christ’s church and fulfill His Great Commission. To this end, we encourage EQUIP Leaders not to limit their mentorships only to credit-seeking students, but to design their courses to allow non-credit seeking individuals to participate. EQUIP courses enable ministry leaders to provide theological training to credit seeking students as well as non-credit seeking staff, deacons, small group leaders, and lay people. Ministry leaders have the opportunity to add theological and practical depth to their discipleship ministries in order to multiply robust disciples of Jesus who seek to maximize their role in the Great Commission.

Students Can Earn Up To 36 Credit Hours

 - EQUIP courses can be offered every Spring, Summer, and Fall semester and are available on both the graduate as well as the undergraduate levels. Follow this link for undergraduate EQUIP course listings. 
 - EQUIP courses can be taken under nearlevery degree program. That being said, the two degrees below provide the greatest opportunity for incorporating a large number of EQUIP courses 
           - M.Div. in Christian Ministry (up to 36 hours) 
           - M.A. Christian Ministry [Mentored] (up to 24 hours). 

Mentored Internship Courses

PMN7900/EQC – Mentored Internship

BCO7900/EQC – Mentored Counseling Internship

Practicum Courses

PMN6501/EQC - Pastoral Ministry & Leadership Practicum

PMN6733/EQC - Christian Leadership Practicum

PMN6721/EQC - Administration & Education in the Local Church Practicum

PRS6101/EQC - Bible Exposition I: Hermeneutics & Preparation Practicum

PRS6501/EQC - Bible Exposition II: Communication & Delivery Practicum

BCO5502/EQC - Biblical Counseling Practicum (Previous Counseling Training Required)

MIS6551/EQC - Developing a Church Planting Methodology Practicum

MIS6541/EQC - North American Church Planting Practicum

MIS6591/EQC - International Church Planting Practicum

MIS5101/EQC - Christian Missions: Principles and Practice Practicum

EVA5101/EQC - Evangelism: Nature and Practice Practicum

EVA6611/EQC - Personal Discipleship & Disciple-Making Practicum