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Mentored Internships

A Mentored Internship is an intensive training relationship designed to mentor a student in a particular area of ministry. The student must secure both a ministry location and a qualified mentor prior to applying to do a Mentored Internship. Currently Mentored Internships are offered in two major areas:

This is a class designed for graduate and undergraduate students who have an opportunity to participate in a ministry internship through their local church or a para-church organization. This internship can be focused on various ministry areas. The student is responsible to fill out the PMN7900 application prior to being approved and registered for this class. A graduate student can take this course up to three times and gain a maximum of 9 credit hours. A college student can take this course up to four times and gain a maximum of 12 credit hours. 

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This internship is a counseling experience in an appropriate field setting with an approved mentor. A student may substitute BCO7900 Mentored Counseling Internship for BCO7503 Practicum 3 (and by petition BCO7502 Practicum 2). BCO7900 Mentored Counseling Internship Application.

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The Mentor must have significant experience (i.e., minimum of five years in field of study) and wisdom in the ministry. In addition, he or she must have obtained a minimum of the Master’s degree in the field in which the student will be supervised from an accredited school. (n.b., Only on rare occasions are Southeastern Faculty and Staff considered for approval and should therefore not be considered as potential Mentors.)

The Mentor must be willing to mentor/train the student in a way that honors and does not contradict Southeastern’s confessional documents: the Abstract of Principles, the Baptist Faith and Message (2000), the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. The Field Ministry Office must have a signed copy of the Affirmation of Southeastern’s Core Competencies and Confessional Statements on file for each approved mentor.

The Mentor must complete the online training and submit a current resume to the Field Ministry Office to be certified as a Mentor. This certification must be updated every three (3) years. The online training can be found under "Mentor Requirements" (video 1; video 2); (the password to access the vimeo videos is "sebtsmedia"). The Mentor must have read (or be reading) all of the assigned materials for the class.

The Mentor must be willing to read and evaluate all work assigned to the student as well as complete periodic evaluations of the student during the mentorship/internship.

The Mentor must be willing to mentor the student in weekly meetings and counseling ministry through the duration of the internship. This includes the development of a schedule of readings and assignments and offering guidance and instruction.

All Mentored Internship applications must be returned to the Field Ministry Office no later than 3 weeks before the start of the semester. If all application materials are not submitted on time, students will be charged late fees.

Applications may be submitted in the following ways:

Deliver in person to the Field Ministry Office located in Jacumin Simpson 216

Field Ministry Office,
P.O. Box 1889,
Wake Forest, NC 27588

Fax: (919) 761-2168

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