Mentored Internships

Mentored Internships

Mentored Internship courses enable students to gain practical ministry experience in various areas of ministry under the supervision of a Field Mentor. The mentor and the student work together to develop a ‘personalized’ experience in the ministry organization. Students can take the Mentored Internship during the Fall, Spring, and/or Summer terms. The Mentored Internship (PMN7900) course fulfills the Supervised Field Ministry (PMN6590) course requirement needed under previous catalogues. Currently, Mentored Internships are offered in two major areas

This course is designed for students to pursue an opportunity to participate in a ministry internship through their local church or a ministry organization. This internship can focus on a variety of ministry areas. The student is responsible to fill out the Mentored Internship application prior to being approved and registered for this class. A graduate student can take this course (PMN7900) up to three times and gain a maximum of 9 credit hours. A college student can take the undergrad version of this course (MIN4900) up to four times and gain a maximum of 12 credit hours. 

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This internship is a counseling experience in an appropriate field setting with an approved mentor. A student may substitute BCO7900 for BCO7503 Practicum 3 (and by petition BCO7502 Practicum 2). BCO7900 Mentored Counseling Internship Application.

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  • This internship is a counseling experience in an appropriate field setting with an approved mentor.

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As part of our commitment to our Hunt Scholars to be trained as theologians, prepared as pastors, and mobilized for the mission, the 9 credit hour Pastoral Ministry Internship offers on the ground training in the context of a significant ministry experience. The direct mentorship of a church pastor offers invaluable equipping while walking alongside them, gleaning from their life and ministry, and learning academically through study in this course.

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Eligible Mentors must possess a ministry-related Master’s degree from an accredited institution and have significant ministry experience.

The Mentor must be willing to mentor/train students in a way that honors and does not contradict Southeastern’s confessional statements: the Abstract of Principles and The Baptist Faith and Message (2000)—and two additional doctrinal statements— the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy and the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.

The mentor must read all required textbooks if not read previously, grade all student work, and submit a Student Evaluation Form at the end of each semester that includes whether or not the student passed or failed the course. Mentors are not required to submit the student’s work, only their final passing/failing grade should be included in the Student Evaluation Form.

All Mentored Internship applications must be submitted online no later than 3 weeks before the start of the semester. If all application materials are not submitted on time, students will incur a late registration fee.