About Us: Global Theological Initiatives

Who We Are

The Global Theological Initiatives seeks to employ the resources of SEBTS to benefit theological education through strategic partnerships around the world.

Associate Vice President for Global Theological Initiatives

Dr. Ewart is the Associate Vice President of Global Theological Initiatives (GTI) and Ministry Centers. Through his leadership position in GTI, he overseas global educational partnerships which include international seminary faculty development, mission board leadership training, institutional consultation, organizational development, theological education development and local church leadership training. He has served as a senior pastor, church planter, missionary, revitalization consultant and professor.

Dr. John Ewart

Photo: Dr. John Ewart

Associate Vice President for Theological Initiatives

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Persian Leadership Development

The Persian Leadership Development Office seeks to train Farsi speaking leaders throughout the world. To our knowledge, this will be the first degree-level training in Farsi offered from an accredited seminary.

  • Theological education in Farsi for Persian church leaders
  • Launched Farsi degrees in 2018
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Kambiz Saghaey

Photo: Kambiz Saghaey

Director for Persian Leadership Development

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Hispanic Leadership Development

The Hispanic Leadership Development Office seeks to train Spanish speaking leaders throughout the world.

We do this by offering various degree programs through a variety of delivery methods. We believe that training Hispanic leaders is an essential aspect of making disciples of all nations. The initiative includes:

  • Spanish language Master degree education for leadership cohorts in various countries
  • Online Spanish language certificate and online Master degree education options for Spanish speakers in the United States
  • Opportunities for Spanish speaking on-campus students to get involved.
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Dr. Miguel Echevarria

Photo: Dr. Miguel Echevarria

Director of Hispanic Leadership Development

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East Asian Leadership Initiative

East Asian Leadership Initiative seeks to train and equip East Asian leaders for the Great Commission.

We focus on engaging and training East Asian Christian leaders within their culture and context across East Asia and in the U.S. by having a partnership with the local entities so that they can train their future leaders in their language and culture.

  • Korean Biblical Counseling Certificate Launch in January 2021
  • Biblical Counseling conference for the Asian American church leaders in October 2019
  • MTS, MA in CM and Certificate in Biblical Counseling started in Fall in 2019 in East Asian Countries
  • ESL begins in the Spring of 2021
  • Theological education in East Asian countries
  • The first launch date for accredited master’s degrees in China and Korea in Fall 2019
  • Different language Certificate online education options for East Asians in the United States will be available in 2020
  • Opportunities for on-campus Asian students to get involved
  • North Korea Mission Conference in January 2021
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Minwoo Jang

Director for East Asian Leadership Initiative

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The Equip Network

The EQUIP Network empowers churches and ministry organizations to offer accredited and accessible courses to students at the highest level of theological training.

The EQUIP Network weds the seminary experience with real-life ministry opportunities to provide students with the most integrative ministry training available.

The Equip Network

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