Want to Apply

  • To assist the maintenance, stability, and growth of existing work

  • To train positioned or potential leadership in seminaries, Bible colleges, mission boards, and Baptist Conventions.

  • To promote the training of church planters/missiologists

  • To train the next generation of scholars in strategic locations

  • To begin with a formal agreement (MOU) and an “exit strategy”

  • Identify like-minded, strategic partners entities

  • Consider relationships between church planting, denominational, and educational institutions

  • Consider the level of involvementConsider our strengths & resources; remain focused theologically & missiologically

    • Train faculty, administrators and/or other leadership for new and/or existing work through invitation-only cohorts of proven, positioned leaders trained on both certificate and degree levels.

    • Supplement existing faculty and curricula in adjunctive relationships.

    • Provide various levels of consultation for existing work.

    • Provide consultation and assistance to help begin new work.

  • Consider language options and needs

  • Online only courses
  • Hybrid format courses – on-campus and face-to-face
  • Onsite modular courses – short-term, face to face