Advanced Degree (DMin, EdD, PhD) Monthly Payment Plan:

Tuition Due: January 10, 2022

Plan Enrollment Period: November 11th  – January 18th

Plan Overview:
This payment plan may include Winter and Spring tuition charges. As with all payment plans, a $25.00 plan enrollment fee is due at plan creation.

Payment plan will have 6 monthly payments drafting on the 20th of each month beginning January 20th and ending June 20th.

College at Southeastern House System (Undergraduates residing in Dorm Housing):

Tuition Due: January 20, 2022

Plan Enrollment Period: November 11th – January 27th

Payment plan may include Spring Tuition, Meal Plans, pre-billed Spring Housing charges, and other enrollment related charges into one payment plan. As with all payment plans, a $25 Plan Enrollment Fee due at plan creation. College Plans require 15% of the balance to be paid up front as a down-payment.


  1. 4 Equal payments drafted on the 5th monthly from February to May.
  2. 8 semi-monthly payments drafted on the 5th and 20th of each month, from February through May

Undergraduate & Graduate Students Monthly Payment Plans:

Returning Students – Tuition Due: January 10, 2022

New Students – Tuition Due: January 20, 2022

Plan Enrollment Period: November 11th – February 10th

Payment plan may include Winter and Spring Tuition, but not Winter only. As with all payment plans, a $25 Plan Enrollment Fee due at plan creation.

Plans created prior to January 18th will have 5 monthly payments drafted on the 20th of each month beginning on January 20th and ending on May 20th.

Plans created between January 18th and February 10th will require a 20% down payment and will have 4 monthly payments drafted on the 20th of each month beginning on February 20th and ending on May 20th.

* Notwithstanding payment plan availability, late payment penalties are assessed based on published payment deadlines.

You may create a login and view your Payment Plan details by visiting

Students Must Enroll in a New Plan Each Semester

The NBS Payments Monthly Tuition Payment Plan is provided for students to be able to pay their current tuition and matriculation fees over the course of that semester. You must sign up for the Monthly Payment Plan each semester by the appropriate deadlines if you desire to use the plan. The Monthly Payment Plan is to be used only for current semester tuition and matriculation fees. This plan is not to be used for paying off past balances, future balances, housing fees, or used as a semester loan.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary students have the option of using a monthly interest-free tuition payment plan. We use Nelnet Business Solutions as our tuition payment provider. The payment plan is handled via electronic payment from your checking or savings account. Payments are processed on the 20th of each month until the balance due is paid in full. A $30 fee will be assessed for each missed payment.

Changes to the Monthly Payment Plan:

Any changes to your payment plan must be approved by the Accounting Services office no later than five business days prior to the next payment date. To submit your request, complete the Nelnet Change form and fax it to (919) 761-2383 or return it to the Accounting Services office. Changes to banking information must be submitted directly with the Nelnet Company.

Scholarship Information:

Only the following scholarships are accepted for reduction of your tuition payment or enrollment in the Monthly Payment Plan budgeted amounts. If you are receiving a scholarship from a source not listed below, do not reduce your tuition amount by the scholarship awarded (unless such scholarship amounts are received by the tuition deadline). Upon receipt of the outside scholarship money, you must request a reduction to your Monthly Payment Plan if an account credit then exists.

  • Brown Scholarship
  • William G. and Margaret B. Frasier Scholarship
  • Richard Furman Scholarship
  • Charles B. Keesee Ed. Fund
  • James Merritt Scholarship
  • Risden P. Reece Scholarship
  • General Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship
  • SBC of Virginia
  • Virginia Baptist Mission Board
  • Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship Baptist Foundation of Alabama
  • Mississippi Baptist Foundation
  • North Carolina Baptist Foundation
  • South Carolina Baptist Foundation
  • Tennessee Baptist Foundation