Scholarships at Southeastern

Our goal is to see you graduate with little to no student loan debt. To that end we offer a variety of need- and merit-based institutional and external scholarships.

Missions Related Scholarships

Southeastern is a Great Commission seminary that would like to honor those who GO. As such, through partnerships with both NAMB and the IMB, we are grateful to offer missions scholarships to those who have served, are serving or are children of those who have served.

General & Designated Scholarships

Our school has been blessed by a multitude of donors who have generously given the resources needed to create over 70 institutional scholarships. These Southeastern scholarships include both the general scholarships open to all students, as well as more specific 'designated' scholarships. Students can apply for institutional financial aid through the standard financial aid application.

State Scholarships

The state-specific scholarships are a variety of scholarships for students based on their state of residency or home state. Residency must be established for at least one year before being able to apply for most state-specific scholarships.

Specialized Institutional Scholarships

Specialized scholarship opportunities are available to minorities and female students. Through scholarships such as Kingdom Diversity and Southeastern Women's Fellowship, many students are now able to receive funding to be equipped to serve God’s kingdom! We invite eligible students to consider applying for these wonderful scholarships.

Ethnicity-Specific Scholarships

These are scholarships that are available outside Southeastern and are for students of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds.


A variety of scholarship opportunities with a range in requirements and award amounts, from general essay writing contests of $500 to scholarships specific for seminary students for $1300.

Questions? Email us at or call 919-761-2317