Finances for International Students

Bringing Money into the United States

This matter can be difficult, especially if your country has strict regulations about taking funds abroad. Check with your bank’s foreign exchange department when you are getting your financial support documentation in order, and make the necessary arrangements to bring sufficient funds with you and transfer other needed funds.

Arrange a convenient way to bring funds into the U.S. or to have them transferred efficiently to your American bank account once you open one (as soon as possible after your arrival). You should bring sufficient funds with you in U.S. currency and traveler’s checks to get through the first few weeks while your account is being opened and your bank is clearing bank drafts. It is suggested that you carry a recognized credit card (Visa or MasterCard, for example), and (A) at least two hundred dollars if single, or (B) five hundred dollars if married: one hundred in cash and the rest in traveler’s checks. Bring the rest of your money in traveler’s checks or a bank check. Be sure that bank drafts are payable to you personally and are made out in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank. When traveling it is helpful to have a few one-dollar ($1) bills for small needs, and quarters (25 cent pieces) for telephone calls. Do not carry large amounts of cash.

If you arrive at Southeastern less than a month before registration and have not paid fees ahead of time from your own country, you will need to have access to sufficient funds (such as traveler’s checks) to pay in full your first semester tuition at registration and pay for your accommodations, etc. Remember, you cannot count on being able to establish a bank account immediately and have quick access to funds.


Financial Aid