Disability Services

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary does not discriminate as it pertains to students with disabilities, and the Dean of Students, Associate Vice President of Student Life and the Assistant to the Dean of Students collaborate to make every effort to aid the students as the institution is able. SEBTS abides by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and provides services and accommodations to students with disabilities, as the seminary is able. In accordance with the desire to best serve students with disabilities, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary offers the following procedure to provide the best service within SEBTS’ means:

  1. Students with disabilities are free to, at their own capacity and responsibility, contact the Dean of Students office in order to receive education and instruction on the procedure for requesting IEP/disability accommodations.
  2. At this point the student will need to provide documentation of their IEP and/or disability. These documents will be filed and stored in the Office of the Dean of Students for reference in future matters regarding the student’s accommodations.
  3. An official letter will be provided to the student authorizing professors to provide accommodations to the student at their own discretion. It is the student’s responsibility to provide this letter to his or her professors at the beginning of each semester. The student should not request accommodations from the professor without first contacting the Office of Disability Services.
  4. The Professor will then contact the Office of the Dean of Students to verify the student’s IEP records and receive recommendation on how to best accommodate the student.
  5. The professor will then choose how to proceed with accommodating the student’s under his or her own discretion. The professor maintains the rights to choose if he or she will proceed according to the recommendations, and is not required to follow the recommendation given by the Office of Disability Services.