Biblical Women's Institute


The BWI program is designed for women who are preparing for Christian service in their homes as well as through local churches or other ministry settings. All women are invited to enroll and is for any woman, anywhere.

BWI also offers a program for women who are planning to serve overseas alongside their husband with the International Mission Board.

BWI courses do not carry academic credit and cannot be leveled into graduate or undergraduate course credit. The BWI programs are designed to equip women to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission, but are not controlled under the academic processes of the institution.

  • Courses are $25 each

  • Each course is 6-7 weeks long

  • Two sessions per semester

  • Courses offered online or on-campus

  • On campus classes are on either Tuesday or Thursday nights from 7-9pm 

Fall 2018 Courses

Students must complete nine BWI classes. Seven classes are from the required courses while the remaining two classes are electives.

Required Courses

  • WST5810 Biblical Foundations for Women

  • WST0130 Christian Doctrine

  • WST0250 Biblical Theology of Womanhood

  • WST0110 Old Testament Survey 1

  • WST0112 Old Testament Survey 2

  • WST0120 New Testament Survey 1

  • WST0122 New Testament Survey 2

  • 2 Elective courses

A 3 hour course taken in the Seminary or College may be substituted for 2 BWI elective classes if approved by the Director of Certificate Services.

Students may complete Certificate in less than two years by taking more than one class per term.

Session Dates

  • Fall 2018 Session 1: 8/20/2018 - 9/29/2018

  • Fall 2018 Session 2: 10/1/2018 - 11/17/2018

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IMB Spouse Requirements

You need 12 credits or 4 semester long classes for the IMB spouse requirements. Through the GO CERT program and BWI at Southeastern you can complete this with 2 certificate courses meeting the requirement for each semester long class. (Ex: IMB requirement Old Testament = GO Cert Old Testament and Hermeneutics, or BWI Old Testament Survey 1 and Old Testament Survey 2). You have the option to mix and match these courses to meet said requirements.

Each GO Cert class is 30- 20 minute videos, plus a weekly reading requirement. This is 10 hours of lecture per course. Students could complete the GO Cert classes on their own schedule, as quickly as they need. Quizzes are embedded into the videos, so besides the reading, no other work is required. This class functions much like an independent study. GO Certificate allows you complete flexibility to complete your requirements at your own pace.

Old Testament Requirement: GO CERT Old Testament and GO CERT Hermeneutics

New Testament Requirement: GO CERT New Testament and GO CERT Acts Book Study

Theology Requirement: GO CERT Christian Theology and GO CERT Historical Theology

Elective Requirement: GO CERT Ethics and GO CERT Intro to Great Commission Studies


BWI classes run on a normal academic schedule, but is also available online. There are two sessions each semester, each 7 weeks long. They are Early Fall, Late Fall, Early Spring and Late Spring. You can begin at any session. These classes function much like traditional school- you will have weekly assignments, you will interact with your classmates, and you will have a final assessment. Each class is 12-14 hours of lecture. BWI allows you the opportunity to learn alongside other women, many of whom are also pursuing their IMB requirements, but remains in the 7 week class schedule.

Old Testament Requirement: Old Testament Survey 1 and Old Testament Survey 2

New Testament Requirement: New Testament Survey 1 and New Testament Survey 2

Theology Requirement: Theology of Womanhood and Christian Doctrine

Elective Requirement: Any 2 electives (Preparing for Missions, Women and Evangelism, Biblical Foundations for Women, etc). 


  • Fall 2018 Session 1: 8/20/2018 - 9/29/2018

  • Fall 2018 Session 2: 10/1/2018 - 11/17/2018

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