Biblical Women's Institute

Biblical Women's Institute (BWI)

The BWI program aims to equip women with biblical and theological training for any ministry context God has given them. We do this by providing seminary-quality teaching at a reduced time-commitment, reduced workload, and reduced cost ($25 per class!) for women who are busy with careers, ministry, or family commitments. All women, regardless of educational background, are invited to enroll - this certificate program is designed for any woman, anywhere.

BWI also offers a program for women who are planning to serve overseas alongside their husband with the International Mission Board.

BWI courses do not carry academic credit and cannot be leveled into graduate or undergraduate course credit. The BWI programs are designed to equip women to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission, but are not controlled under the academic processes of the institution.

  • Courses are $25 each
  • Each course is 6-7 weeks long
  • Two sessions per semester
  • Due to COVID considerations, BWI classes will only be offered online for the Fall of 2020.
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Students must complete fourteen BWI classes. If you have questions about an older certificate, contact us at to work out which classes you will need.

Required Courses (Every course available every Spring and Fall!)

  • BWI0110 How to Study Your Bible: Old Testament 1
  • BWI0120 How to Study Your Bible: Old Testament 2
  • BWI0210 How to Study Your Bible: New Testament 1
  • BWI0220 How to Study Your Bible: New Testament 2
  • BWI0310 Knowing God 1
  • BWI0320 Knowing God 2
  • BWI0410 Church Life 1
  • BWI0420 Church Life 2
  • BWI0510 Loving God and Loving Others 1
  • BWI0520 Loving God and Loving Others 2
  • BWI0610 Speaking Truth 1
  • BWI0620 Speaking Truth 2
  • BWI0710Growing Together 1
  • BWI0720 Growing Together 2

A 3-hour course taken in the Seminary or College may be substituted for 2 BWI elective classes if approved by the Director of Certificate Services.

Students may complete Certificate in less than two years by taking more than one class per term.

Session Dates

  • Fall 2020 Session 1: 8/23/2020 - 10/4/2020 (Last day to add classes: 8/22/2020)
  • Fall 2020 Session 2: 10/11/2020 - 11/22/2020 (Last day to add classes: 10/10/2020)
  • Spring 2021 Session 1: 1/24/2021 – 3/7/2021 (Last day to add classes: 1/23/2021)
  • Spring 2021 Session 2: 3/14/2021 – 5/2/2021 (Last day to add classes: 3/13/2021)
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IMB Spouse Requirements

To meet the IMB's Spouse Education Requirements, you will need either 1 undergraduate/graduate course or 2 certificate-level courses in each of the categories of Old Testament, New Testament, Theology, and Elective. Through the GO Certificates program or the BWI at Southeastern, you can meet this requirement by taking 2 certificate courses per category. You have the option to mix and match GO Certificate courses and BWI courses to meet these requirements. Click on either track below to learn more.

Each GO Certificate class is divided up into thirty, 20-minute videos with a weekly reading requirement. This is 10 hours of lecture per course. Students could complete the GO Certificate classes on their own schedule and as quickly as they need. Quizzes are embedded into the videos, so besides the reading, no other work is required. This class functions much like an independent study. GO Certificates allow the flexibility to complete your requirements at your own pace.

Old Testament Requirement: GO CERT Old Testament and GO CERT Hermeneutics

New Testament Requirement: GO CERT New Testament and GO CERT Acts Book Study

Theology Requirement: GO CERT Christian Theology and GO CERT Historical Theology

Elective Requirement: Any 2 other available courses

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BWI classes run on a normal academic schedule, but they are also available online. There are two sessions each semester, each 6 weeks long. They include early fall, late fall, early spring and late spring. You can begin at any session, however, please note that joining a session 2 course without having taken the session 1 course will require a little bit of additional work. These classes function much like traditional school, including weekly assignments, interaction with classmates and a final assessment. Each class includes 12 hours of lectures. The BWI allows you the opportunity to learn alongside other women while operating in the 6-week class schedule.

Old Testament Requirement: How to Study Your Bible: Old Testament 1 and 2

New Testament Requirement: How to Study Your Bible: New Testament 1 and 2

Theology Requirement: Knowing God 1 and 2

Elective Requirement: Any 2 additional classes

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