Christian Leadership

The PhD in Christian Leadership is a deep dive into the biblical, philosophical and theological roots of effective Christ-honoring leadership. Students are expected to critically examine leaders from all walks of life. Guest lecturer include some of the most well-known Christian leaders today. This degree prepares men and women to lead at the highest levels in Christian organizations, churches, denominations, and schools of higher education.

The degree is delivered in a modified residency format. Each seminar is delivered over the normal period of other seminars and contains an on-campus experience as well as supplemental asynchronous components before and after the on-campus experience.

The PhD program requires a minimum of three academic years for completion: two years of coursework prior to the dissertation stage and one full year for dissertation work. Students must complete the program within seven years.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 60

    Credit Hours

Program Courses

At Southeastern, I really saw the benefit of helping me think better as a theologian. Everything that we do in the classroom is also spiritual formation as well.

Devin Maddox PhD Graduate, 2022

PhD in Context


  • Teach in an academic setting

  • Academic Research

  • Ministry requiring specialized training

  • Serve in denominational leadership, or lead in pastoral and church related vocations

What Courses Will I Take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • LED 9320 – Biblical Foundations for Leadership
  • LED 9380 – Leadership Development
  • LED 9340 – Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Data Analysis
  • LED 9335 – Leadership, Management & Organizational Theory
  • LED 9385 – Change Leadership

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