Pastoral Theology

The PhD in Pastoral Theology track is for pastor theologians who desire to advance the understanding and practice of theology from a shepherding perspective. This track integrates four sub-disciplines (theology, preaching, counseling, and leadership) in order to prepare students to be pastors who are scholars and scholars who are pastoral in their academic pursuits.

This program is offered in a Residential and/or Modified Residency Format. The concentration with modified residency will progress on a two-year schedule of coursework, followed by the comprehensive exam and the writing of a successful dissertation. All seminar and degree requirements for the students in the concentration with modified residency are identical to the standard residency requirements. Students enter the program as a community of scholars and will normally remain together through a series of seminars that meet twice annually at various times throughout the year. This format allows students to remain in their current position while engaging in PhD studies.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 60

    Credit Hours

Program Courses

PhD in Context


  • Teach in higher education

  • Counsel members of the body of Christ

  • Ministry requiring specialized training

  • Serve in denominational leadership

What Courses Will I Take?

Below is a sample of the required courses. To see a complete list, view the academic catalog.

  • PMN 9700 – Pastoral Theology Seminar
  • PMN 9710 – Historical Readings for Pastoral Theology
  • THE/WOR 9510 – The Doctrine of the Christian Life
  • THE 9750 – Seminar on the Doctrine of the Church
  • THE 9943 – Church & Cultural Context

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