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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is proud to parnter with
the Knowing Faith podcast in making theological education accessible and promoting Biblical literacy.

We're excited to be able to sponsor Season 5 of the Knowing Faith Podcast.
Please see below for additional information regarding some of our programs. SEBTS has programs to fit different needs and meet you where you are whether you are considering vocational ministry or just want to be better equipped to serve your church.


The M.Div. - Our Most Popular Program

The Master of Divinity (M.Div.) is the broadest and most comprehensive program at SEBTS. The education and training will give you Biblical foundations for ministry that prepare you to serve in many different capacities. Whether you want to serve as a pastor, church planter, or missionary, the M.Div. is the best program to prepare you for a lifetime of ministry. We combine a top-notch theological education with practical application classes. All this is done under the supervision and care of our world class faculty. Please click below to explore this program more.

Accessible Credentials for Ministry

The Certificates Programs at SEBTS brings to fruition our commitment to accessible education and equipping church leaders and members. Our certificates come in various forms from Graduate level courses to custom, online certification through self-paced learning. We also have various free options so that you can start immediately. Please click below to find more information about our certificate programs.

Be A Part of Our Community

We are proud to offer a vibrant community of women at SEBTS. Our community of women include scholars who are engaged in theological education, preparation for vocational ministries, and women who want simply to dive deeper into the Scriptures. Please click below to see the many opportunities to engage with our community.

Start Your Application Today

Take the first steps in your Southeastern journey by starting your application today. As a special thank you for visiting and exploring SEBTS, we will waive your application fee ($40 value). Please use the code KNOWINGFAITH (exactly as written here) during the application process to have the fee waived. Please click below to start an application.

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