9Marks at Southeastern

Overview of all 9 marks

September 23-24, 2022


The 9Marks at Southeastern Conference is a conference about the church and for the church. The conference exists to equip pastors and church leaders to lead their congregations toward greater health for the glory of King Jesus. The 9Marks at Southeastern Conference will return to campus this year on September 23–24 and will feature an overview of all 9 marks of a healthy church in one two-day conference of teaching from trusted church and 9Marks leaders.

This year’s 9Marks at Southeastern Conference will be held on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC, on September 23–24 and is open to the general public, pastors, and church staff. The conference will feature Danny Akin, Mark Dever, H.B. Charles Jr., Jonathan Leeman, Andy Davis, Trell Ross, Omar Johnson, and Justin Perdue.





Danny Akin

H.B. Charles Jr.

Andy Davis

Mark Dever

Omar Johnson

Jonathan Leeman

Justin Perdue

Trell Ross



Where can I park on campus?

There are multiple lots on campus and all are available for conference parking. Most parking lots on campus require a color-coded tag; these signs can be ignored during the conference. For more details, please see our map.


Where can I stay during the conference?

Southeastern has partnerships with local hotels to offer discounted rates.
Hampton Inn
Holiday Inn
Fairfield Inn and Suites


Can children attend?

Children are not encouraged to attend the conference unless they are old enough to participate in the sessions. However, if they are going to attend, a student ticket must be purchased for each child.


Will wheelchairs be accomodated?

Yes. Please contact us to let us know when you will be arriving and that you need wheelchair accomodations.


Does Binkley Chapel have reserved seating for the conference?

Reserved seating is only provided to those who require special assistance. If you have a disability and require special assistance, please contact us.


Will session or single-day passes be available?



What is the cancellation policy for the conference?

Refunds will not be available within 10 days of the conference.


We value the volunteers that serve at the 9Marks at Southeastern conference. There are several ways and times to serve, including pre-conference and post-conference ways. Please complete the form below and we will forward more information as serving opportunities become set. Please sign up as soon as possible as spots are limited.
Each of our conference volunteers recieve free admittance to the conference and a giveaway bag!

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Best of Past Years

9Marks and Southeastern are proud to offer this digital resource

SEBTS and 9Marks Ministries have compiled this Digital resource for churches and church leadership seeking to lead their churches during these unprecedented times. Though we would prefer to have you on campus, we hope these top highlights of the past 10 years will edify and encourage you in your ministries. We look forward to having everyone back in the future. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at or visit Please follow below to take a journey through the nine marks of a healthy church and witness God’s consistent work through this ministry over the years.

All 9Marks Videos

Biblical theology is essential for Evangelism, Discipleship, Unity, and Worship.

Biblical theology is sound doctrine; it is right thoughts about God; it is belief that accords with Scripture.

Danny Akin

Preacher on Preaching
Ecclesiastes 12:9-14

We Christians are made Christians by hearing and believing this word that comes to us by trusting God's promise, by having faith in him and that faith comes, Paul says in Romans 10, from hearing the message; the message is heard through the Word of Christ.

Mark Dever

Mark Dever

Expositional Preaching: A Defense and Charge

Thabiti Anyabwile

Exposition in Non-White contexts
Nehimiah 8:1-8

Biblical theology is essential for Evangelism, Discipleship, Unity, and Worship. Biblical theology is sound doctrine; it is right thoughts about God; it is belief that accords with Scripture.

In 2010, 9Marks at Southeastern speakers focused on biblical theology. As God’s people have a greater view of God’s holiness and the revelation of his Word to mankind, it has vast implications for how the Church preaches and lives out a faithful, biblical theology.

Danny Akin

Biblical theology as a Foundation for Systematic and Practical Theology
Philippians 2, Isaiah 45 & 53

So how is this possible? How can God show wrath towards sinners and love towards sinners at the same time? How can God express the fullness of his attributes? How can he satisfy himself and save sinners at the exact same time? That is the question of the Bible. And the answer is the cross.

David Platt, Pastor of McLean Bible Church in Northern Virginia

Mark Dever

The Beautiful Plan of God Evident in Scripture from Beginning to End
Genesis to Revelation

David Platt

A Sovereign God and a Scandalous Gospel
Isaiah 6

A biblical understanding of the gospel is important because the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, and it is the only way for sinful people to be reconciled to a holy God. Everything in a church flows from its understanding of the gospel including preaching, counseling, discipleship, music, evangelism, and missions.

The Gospel is the good news that the one and only God who is holy made us in His image to know Him. Though we sinned and cut ourselves off from him, in His great love, God provided a way for us to know Him and dwell with Him through the incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection.

Thabiti Anyabwile

The Righteousness of God
Romans 3:21-26

The cross of Christ shows us God's inflexible, righteous justice and it warns us as much as it beckons us. Do not delay to flee to Christ, because God will not always be patient. His wrath is coming.

Thabiti Anyabwile

Mark Dever

The Gospel
Psalm 4

David Platt

Galatians and the Gospel

A biblical understanding of conversion is important for churches because it clarifies how churches should exhort non-Christians, reminds churches that they must rely upon God in all their evangelistic efforts for only he can give life, and it teaches churches to maintain a sharp distinction between themselves and the world. The radical nature of conversion should continually be taught and emphasized in churches.

A church that understands a biblical view of conversion believes that God is the one who enables people to come to a place of repentance for sin and trust in Christ as Savior and Lord. The church’s role in conversion is to invite people into that call of death to sin and life in Christ, equip members to share their faith faithfully and operate in a way that distinguishes the church from the world.

Danny Akin

Four Spiritual Laws of Conversion
Ephesians 2:1-10

Nobody accuses you as much as you do. Who can bring a charge against God's elect? Unfortunately God's elect think they can…

Matt Chandler

Tony Merida

Two Very Different Sons and a Very Merciful Father
Luke 15:11-32

Matt Chandler

Foreknown and Predestined
Romans 8:26-29

A biblical understanding of evangelism clarifies our role in the mission God has given to the church: We are to preach the good news about what Christ has done and pray that God would bring people to believe it.

To evangelize the whole gospel must be preached including the hard news of God’s wrath against our sin. Those we share with are called upon to repent of their sins and put their faith in Christ, making it clear that believing in Christ is costly, but worth it.

Danny Akin

7 Aspects of A Soul Winner
Acts 8

In other words, effective evangelism involves prayer. It involves baring your heart to God about the most important things imaginable. In other words, continue in it steadfastly, don't dabble in it or inconsistently half heartedly engage in it but pursue it be dedicated to it.

John Folmar

Mark Dever

Why do the people in your church think we should evangelize?
Deut. 33:29; Exodus 1-5

JD Greear

The Savior who says Go is the Savior of Gethsemane
Mark 14:32-42

John Folmar

Effective Evangelism According to the Apostle Paul in Prison
Colossians 4:2-6

Biblical church membership is important because the church presents God’s witness to himself in the world. It displays his glory. In the church’s membership, then, non-Christians should see in the lives of God’s changed people that God is holy and gracious and that his gospel is powerful for saving and transforming sinners.

According to the Bible, church membership is a commitment every Christian should make to attend, love, serve, and submit to a local church.

Danny Akin

The Blessing of Being A Part of the Local Church
Ephesians 4:1-16

Jonathan Leeman

Who on Earth Represents Heaven?

Alister Begg

The Church in Times of Peace
Acts 9:23

Ligon Duncan

What God Wants Church Members to Do and Be
Acts 20: 28

We know this, that every attempt on the part of the evil one ultimately fails. And Christ will have the prize for which he died, namely the inheritance of nations. The Lord God Omnipotent reigns.

Alistair Begg

Think of discipline as the stake that helps the tree grow upright, the extra set of wheels on the bicycle, or the musician’s endless hours of practice. Without discipline, we won’t grow as God wants us to. With discipline, we will, by God’s grace, bear peaceful fruit of righteousness.

In the broadest sense, church discipline is everything the church does to help its members pursue holiness and fight sin. Preaching, teaching, prayer, corporate worship, accountability relationships, and godly oversight by pastors and elders are all forms of discipline. In a narrower sense, church discipline is the act of correcting sin in the life of the body, including the possible final step of excluding a professing Christian from membership in the church and participation in the Lord’s Supper because of serious unrepentant sin.

Danny Akin

The Importance and Necessity of Church Discipline
1 Corinthians 5:1-13

Garrett Kell

The Process of the Church and the Posture for the Church
Matt. 18:4-10

Thabiti Anyabwile

Discipline Practiced by a Church that Feels, and a Church that Forgives
2 Cor. 1: 23-2:11

Ligon Duncan

To Cultivate Godliness and Peace in a Congregation
Heb. 12:14, 13

Authority, leadership in the church is always for the well-being of the flock, never for the fleecing of the sheep, never for the abuse of Christ lambs, always for the well being of God's people.

Ligon Duncan

Promoting biblical discipleship and growth is important because none of us are finished products. Until we die, all Christians will struggle against sin, and we need all the help we can get in this fight. If a church neglects discipleship and growth, or teaches a skewed, unbiblical version of it, it will discourage genuine Christians and wrongly assure false Christians. On the other hand, if a church fosters a culture of Christian discipleship and growth, it will multiply believers’ efforts to grow in holiness. A church that is not growing in the faith will ultimately yield an unhealthy witness to the world.

Scripture teaches that a live Christian is a growing Christian (2 Pet. 1:8-10). Scripture also teaches that we grow not only by instruction, but by imitation (1 Cor. 4:16; 11:1). Therefore churches should exhort their members to both grow in holiness and help others do the same.

Danny Akin

The Bedrock Basics of Biblical Discipleship
Mark 8: 27-38

So again, there's something about patience that relates not just to the immediate endurance but to the long-term affirmation that what I believe is indeed real. Discipleship is about helping people to move in their understanding of the gospel and in their maturity and in their relationship with Jesus. It's about verifying over the sum total of a person's lifetime what they believe.

Mark Vroegop

Mark Dever

Creating a Culture of Discipling
1 Corin. 14:26

Mark Vroegop

The Primacy of Patience in Discipleship
2 Timothy 3:10-4

God gifts churches with elders to feed God’s sheep. God’s Word guide the sheep, and protect the sheep from attackers, while protecting both themselves and the church through the wisdom of their plurality. Biblical church leadership is important because without it, God’s people are like sheep without shepherds.

The Bible teaches that each local church should be led by a plurality of godly, qualified men called elders.

Danny Akin

A Wise and Trustworthy Leader
Psalm 101:1-8

Burk Parsons

Shepherding: A Life of Suffering and Joy
1 Peter 5:1-11

H.B. Charles, Jr.

How the Lord Grows His Church
Ephesians 4:11-16

Jeramie Rinne

The Peril of a Successful Ministry
2 Chron. 26

Where is pride lurking in our souls? Where have we let strength and legitimate blessings from God become an opportunity for sin because we've held it in the wrong way? We need to repent.

Jeramine Rinne

The original nine marks were crafted as a guide for churches to assess their health and use them as Biblical markers or guide rails for churches. Over the years, one particular area of development has been missions. The church must be mission oriented and most congregations will feel this impulse if they have been watching the first nine marks.

The church and mission are synonymous and missions, both local and foreign, should be on the heart of all those who have experienced the goodness of the gospel.

Chuck Lawless

Who Will Pray for Our Missionaries?
Eph. 6:18-23

I fear not only for missionaries, but I fear in general that we have taught our people to pray only reactively. We've taught them to pray in response to issues... but if we send them out, we better send them out with our prayers ongoing.

Chuck Lawless

Thabiti Anyabwile

Give to Missionaries Like God is Worth It
John 3:5-8

John Folmar

The Divine Forecast of the Modern Missions Movement
Isaiah 2:1-5

The original nine marks were crafted as a guide for churches to assess their health and use them as biblical markers or guide rails for churches. Another area of encouragement to watch is prayer. Prayer is important because this is the exercise of faith. Prayer must be a vital and central part of the individual member and corporate life of a church.

Prayer is going before God and acknowledging that He is a living God. It is the exercise of faith that separates those who have a relationship with the living God and those who merely claim to have one.

Mark Dever

How Should we Pray Together as the Local Church
Acts 1-2

Brian Davis

The Posture of Our Hearts Before Prayer
Luke 10:38-42

Danny Akin

Spiritual Exercises to Make You Strong
1 Thess. 5:16-22

Shai Linne

Singing as a Form of Prayer
Isaiah 12:1-6

Friends we mustn't let our schedules lie to us. We mustn't allow our pride to lie to us. There is nothing more important than any day we will ever live in which sitting before the Lord in prayer and in His word is not of necessity. No matter what issues of the day are pressing and there are many. The interesting thing is, we have many pressing issues so that we would come to Jesus.

Brian Davis