By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone: Dr. Akin Concludes his Message on Justification

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Paul AkinSpeaking from Romans 3:21-31, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Danny Akin presented the second half of his message on justification in chapel on Oct. 29.

Akin delivered the first part of the message entitled “12 Great Truths About the Doctrine of Justification” in chapel on Sept. 19. In part two, Akin explained the last six truths about justification.

He stated that the justification of sinners is possible through a blood satisfaction, that it demonstrates God’s righteousness, excludes any personal boasting and is provided by God for all. Furthermore, justification is a testimony of the oneness of God and established the goodness of God’s law.

Akin began by explaining that justification is possible through Jesus’ blood sacrifice. God is the one who sent His son forward to take the punishment for our sins, and Jesus endured the separation from God and the pouring out of His wrath that we deserved.

This is tied closely to the idea that justification through Christ demonstrates God’s righteousness. Before the cross, God had postponed the pouring out of His wrath, but because He is righteous He has to deal with sin.

“The death of God’s son on the cross as payment for sin served to vindicate how God has dealt with sin in the past,” Akin said.

Akin went on to say that justification of sinners through Christ excludes any personal boasting. “We are saved and justified by God and by grace, not by man and not by works,” Akin said. “We are saved by faith in Jesus, not by obedience to the law.”

God hates our boasting and our pride because not only are they the root causes of sin, they say to God that He didn’t really need to kill his son for our salvation.

Quoting one of his heroes in the faith, Adrian Rogers, Akin said, “Until you come to the end of you, you won’t come to the beginning of Him.”

Akin then explained that God is a God of the nations, showing that justification of sinners through Christ is something God provides for all. God saves all sinners in the same way.

Quoting John Piper Akin said, “God is a God of the nations means that He is ready to justify anyone anywhere.”

Justification is also a testimony to the oneness of God. There is only one God; there is only one savior; there was only one sacrifice. All these things mean there is only one way to be saved: through faith in Jesus Christ.

Finally, justification establishes the goodness of God’s law. Jesus did not overthrow the law, but upheld it the way sinners can’t. “God’s law is good and perfect,” Akin said. “The problem wasn’t with the law but with you and me…We have a perfect, law-honoring savior whose righteousness is imputed to us by faith.”

Akin closed with the story of his mother-in-law. She never walked with Jesus and in 2005 became very ill.

“On her deathbed, she prayed to receive Christ and the righteousness of Jesus was immediately imputed to that lady,” said Akin. “She never did anything. She lived most of her life without God, even hating God, but I’m absolutely convinced when I get to heaven there will be that beautiful lady there.”

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