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Akinfa 2014Daniel Akin, president of Southeastern, preached in chapel on October 14.

In his message, “A Great Commission Church,” Akin focused on the church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3:7-13.

“A Great Commission church will see Jesus as awesome, be faithful to the Gospel and will live by the promises of God,” Akin said.

Philadelphia was located in what is now modern day Turkey and was a major crossroads for religion and culture. It was also one of two churches out of the seven mentioned in Revelation that did not receive a word of correction.

“Jesus was passionate about the church and enabling them to be a Great Commission church,” Akin said. “When what he sees is pleasant, there is no limit to what God can or will do.”

He called students to be faithful with where they are and with what they have. “There are no limits on our sovereign God,” he said. “You may have limited resources but our God does not.”

Revelation 3:8 states, “I know your deeds. See I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have not denied my name.”

Akin believes that God honors those that endure persecution for the Gospel. He warned students that in the days ahead Christians in America will likely face more opposition for biblical gender views and the exclusivity of the Gospel.

He cautioned against the sin of prejudice as Christians are called to love their enemies and speak the truth in love. “Jesus died for Jews and Arabs alike,” Akin added.

He spoke about the way in which Christians may forget persecuted people across the globe but that Jesus does not forget about anyone. Believers were reminded that despite trials they are spiritually secure in Christ.

Akin reflected back on his motives as well as the seminary’s for ministry. “Our Lord cares not only that we do the right things, but that we do it for the right reasons,” he emphasized. “We can fool everyone but Jesus.”

Akin highlighted the church members of Philadelphia. “The Gospel was their message, but the grace of God was their motive,” he explained.

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