Bryan Loritts Preaches on the Power of the Bible

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Bryan LorittsBryan Loritts, lead pastor of Fellowship Memphis in Tenn., a multicultural church that ministers in an urban context, was a guest speaker at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). He is the author of “God on Paper” and “A Cross Shaped Gospel.” Loritts is currently working on his Doctorate of Philosophy from Oxford Graduate School.

Dr. Daniel Akin, president of SEBTS, welcomed Loritts. “He is a wonderful, faithful brother that is building a church that is theologically sound,” Akin said.

The chapel service was held on Southeastern’s campus in Binkley Chapel on Oct. 17.

Loritts’s sermon was titled “No Ordinary Book” and focused on 2 Timothy 3:14-17. Three attributes of the Bible were highlighted: its uniqueness, assets and primary audience.

He encouraged the audience to never spend more time reading books about the Bible than the Bible itself. “What makes this book no ordinary book is that this book is breathed out, it is the breath of God,” he said.

“Whenever God speaks, things happen,” Loritts said.

The Bible is useful for teaching, correcting, rebuking and training in righteousness. “This book pushes and pulls,” Loritts said. “It will press against those areas of your life that are out of alignment. … Over time, people will look at your life and see a difference.”

Furthermore, Loritts explored challenges that arise when preaching. “Preach the word of God and there will be times people are ticked off,” he said.

Several practical examples were used to illustrate the passage. “God has called you to give your people a balanced diet of the word of God,” Loritts said. “Giving your people only the deserts of the Bible will not provide for them a balanced spiritual diet.”

Loritts stated the primary audience of the Bible. “This book is not just for the masses, it is for you,” he said.

He also called the group to live out a genuine faith before the Lord and the church. “Before you open this book and darken the pulpit make sure you’re buying what you’re selling,” Loritts said. “Before you get into this book for your people, may this book get into you.” “Everything you need for effective ministry is in there,” Loritts said. “Stick to this book.”

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