Junior Hill Shares Biblical Wisdom on Sowing the Seed of the Gospel

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Junior Hill PhotoJunior Hill, with Junior Hill Ministries, brought a genuine smile and warm heart to the last Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) chapel before fall break. He has preached almost 2000 revivals in his 46 years of full-time service to the Lord. Hill is a graduate of New Orleans Seminary in La. and holds an honorary doctorate from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. Additionally, he has served as the Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention and authored several books.

It was evident that Hill is a living example of one who has been faithful to the Gospel. “Junior Hill is one of my heroes,” said Dr. Akin, president of Southeastern. “He is one of the kindest, most godly men I know.”

Hill preached on the parable of the sower in Luke 8 and shared practical biblical wisdom from his many years in full-time ministry. He identified the seed as the Word of God and the sower as the one who will scatter the seed. He stressed that faith comes by hearing the Word and highlighted the soils and Satan’s strategies in the passage.

He spoke about how Satan will strategically try to thwart others from becoming believers. “It’s a lot harder to remove a seed from the heart of the person that heard it [the Gospel] than it is to take the seed out of the hand of the sower,” said Hill. “The devil always is always trying to take the seed from the one who holds it.”

Three ways the devil takes the seed out of the hand of the sower according to Hill are by intimidation, disqualification and germination. He took the opportunity to speak about his experiences in ministry of God’s sovereignty over the results of the harvest.

Hill shared that many people today are ceasing to declare the truth of God because of the world’s hatred towards Christians. “You’re going out into a culture that doesn’t like you,” said Hill. “How will you stand when you are told you cannot stand?”

He challenged the audience to realize that believers have two choices of what to do with the bag of seeds in their hands. They can observe the seeds or sow every one of the seeds and trust the results to King Jesus. Hill stated that it is not the Christian’s business to evaluate who will respond. “Let God be the Author of who will and will not respond,” said Hill.  

The service was held in Binkley Chapel on Oct. 3.

Furthermore, Satan takes the seed from the sower through disqualification. “Guard, with every ounce of your energy, your character and integrity,” said Hill.

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