Global Missions Week helps students explore call to go

BY LAUREN PRATT   04/24/2017

The Lewis A. Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies (CGCS) at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) hosted Global Missions Week April 18-20, giving students an opportunity to check out missions organizations, taste food from 14 different countries and hear from Dr. Steve McKinion, associate professor of theology and patristic studies, as well as Dr. M. David Sills, author of “The Missionary Call: Find Your Place in God’s Plan for the World.” Both sat on a panel moderated by Dr. Scott Hildreth, director of the CGCS.

Both Sills and McKinion answered questions of what calling looks like and why it is important to have certainty in your calling. Sills explained that knowing you are called keeps a person from “mentally packing [their] bags” when circumstances become difficult overseas.

McKinion also noted the biblical calling in the pastoral epistles, which is displayed through the laying on of hands for pastors, elders and missionaries.

“What you find in the Bible is you find there’s something unique about a call to serving, the call internally as a pastor or an elder, or serving the church [through] being sent out from it as a missionary,” he said.

McKinion also noted the importance for the church to recognize the unique call of pastors and missionaries, rather than homogenizing ministry.

“When everything’s missions, nothing’s missions. When everything’s ministry, nothing’s ministry. When everything’s the gospel, nothing’s the gospel,” said McKinion.

Sills encouraged the audience to continue living faithfully as a follower of Christ to see where God is leading.

“We more discover his will as we’re faithful to do what he leads us to do,” he said.

Sills emphasized the specificity of a ministry calling as well.

“I do think there is a personal call and I think it is so personal and designed for you that no one else could fulfill it,” he said.

Sills established and serves as president of Reaching and Teaching Ministries, which provides discipleship and theological training for ministry leaders to fulfill the Great Commission around the world. Sills is also a professor of missions at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served as a missionary in Ecuador and has pastored both stateside and overseas.

Tuesday’s chapel service concluded with a commissioning of students leaving for international missions and Thursday’s chapel service ended with the commissioning of students getting ready to leave for North American missions.

Global Missions Week also included the popular Taste of the Nations event in the Ledford Event Room on Tuesday, featuring different foods from countries such as Kenya, India and Brazil.

The CGCS is a ministry center of SEBTS that helps students to engage in international and North American missions through events and short-term trips. CGCS hosts Global Missions Week every spring semester. To learn more about the CGCS, go to




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