Southeastern launches partnership with Crosslands

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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is partnering with Crosslands, a theological training program under Acts 29 Europe, to train potential church planters and leaders. The students will earn a Master of Arts in Christian ministry from SEBTS. The partnership results from SEBTS’s EQUIP initiative and launches Feb. 13.

“We’re excited about Crosslands’ vision to provide theological education across Europe and the 10/40 window to those that, for various reasons, are unable to train through more traditional ways,” said SEBTS President Danny Akin.

Crosslands provides training that fits the context of where its students are currently working, living and ministering. Currently, 56 students are enrolled in the seminary-level course, 500 students are enrolled in foundation-level courses and the entry-level courses for new Christians are being launched this year.

Crosslands exists to train ministry leaders on multiple levels throughout Europe and the 10/40 window. Various levels include entry courses for new believers, foundation courses for lay leaders in the church and seminary courses for current and potential church planters and leaders.

Crosslands emerged as a collaborative program between the church planting training of Acts 29 Europe, which contains church plants in 51 countries, and the theological training of Oak Hill Theological College, an institution that provides residential and accredited theological training to Anglican and Independent churches and ministries throughout the United Kingdom.

Crosslands currently has hubs in the English Midlands, Dublin, Paris and Venice and is registered as a charity within the United Kingdom.

“For us, this is a great way we can seek to make God’s kingdom vision of people from every tribe, tongue and nation worshiping Christ together a reality,” said Akin.

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