Southeastern to Sponsor Knowing Faith Podcast

In a joint effort to equip believers to serve the Church and fulfill the Great Commission, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) is sponsoring Season 5 of the Knowing Faith podcast.

Hosted by Jen Wilkin, Kyle Worley and J.T. English, Knowing Faith champions the belief that the Bible is for everyone. The podcast models for its listeners how both men and women can do theology together and encourages pastors and church members to think deeply and critically about God’s Word.   

“We wanted to create a discipleship-focused resource that was accessible, simple and clear, that explored issues of Christian story, Christian belief and Christian formation,” said Worley. 

The Knowing Faith Podcast covers a variety of theological topics and books of the Bible. In Season 5, listeners can expect a deep dive into Genesis 1-11 to explore the major themes that exist throughout the rest of the Bible. In addition, listeners can tune into six “After the Fact” episodes, which will showcase SEBTS professors in a brief five-minute interview discussing theological topics related to their field of study. 

The goal of these “After the Fact” episodes is to highlight the beauty of God’s Word and the caliber of SEBTS faculty. Likewise, Knowing Faith seeks to use these episodes as a way to narrow the gap of theological education and the everyday believer. If theological education exists to serve the Church, then the podcast seeks to be a means of showing that theology can be accessed and understood by everyone. Along with SEBTS faculty, Season 5 will also feature well-known evangelical leaders, including Russell Moore, Hannah Anderson, Katie McCoy, Tish Harrison Warren and Nancy Guthrie. 

Knowing Faith began as an offshoot of The Village Church, where Wilkin, Worley and English were serving in curriculum development. They started the podcast with the hope of better serving their congregation through weekly theological discussions. After four seasons, Knowing Faith became “a plant that had outgrown its pot,” as Worley described it, with over 200,000 monthly downloads and 100,000 subscribers. 

With the unexpected traction that the podcast has gained over four seasons, Knowing Faith is taking a new direction with its first season under a different parent organization, Training the Church. Training the Church is a ministry that equips pastors and their churches to develop and implement discipleship strategies within the life of their congregations. 

As Knowing Faith begins its first independent season, Worley is excited for what the future holds and for how it will continue to encourage and equip the Church.

“We have better avenues than we’ve ever had to engage with the people who are listening and to try to mobilize and catalyze them to take the next step in moving towards theological depth and Bible literacy,” said Worley.

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