Southeastern graduate challenges next generation to live on mission

Mallory Simpson recognizes the value of spiritual investment.

Through a mentor in 9th grade, she realized that her identity in Christ was the foundation and driving force of everything in life. That foundational truth led her to serve from 2016-2018 as a Journeyman in Eastern Europe, and it also prompted her to come to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS), where she received her Master of Arts in Church planting in December 2020. 

While she was being equipped in seminary, she was also training high school girls at The Summit Church to be on mission in their communities. This came through the implementation of a Missional Living Cohort, which was created for students who were interested in learning how to more intentionally share their faith with others. 

“I have been passionate about helping the next generation understand that God calls us to himself,” said Simpson.“In giving us a new identity, he gives us a new purpose—to extend his love to those that do not yet know it.” 

Throughout the semester, students in the Missional Living Cohort were challenged to research the geographic, social and spiritual components of locations in the U.S. and overseas in order to create “missional maps” of each area. Students were then encouraged to think strategically about what evangelism and discipleship would look like in their spheres of influence. The immediate application from all of this was for students to create their own maps and think through how to do intentional evangelism and discipleship in their communities. 

Simpson’s small group created a map of one of their high schools, showing areas where certain groups of students spent time and prayer points for the student population. Lori Frances, director of sending at The Summit Church, tweeted about the map, writing, “Mind BLOWN by @SummitRDU high school ministry’s Missional Living Cohort!!! Check out this strategic map they made of one of their high schools! God is on the MOVE, and I am in awe. #ilovemyjob #youaresent”  

The concept of missional mapping that Simpson taught her high school small group was something she first learned in her training to serve as a Journeyman with the International Mission Board and again in her evangelism class with Dr. George Robinson. Her time at SEBTS grounded her in a love for the Lord that deepened her desire to strategically think about how to reach others with the gospel. 

“Just as these courses at Southeastern were not set up to simply impart knowledge, the cohort was both a challenge and an accountability for myself and students to adopt a Great Commission lifestyle in every aspect of our lives,” said Simpson. 

At SEBTS, students like Simpson are being trained to think strategically about how to get the gospel to their neighbors and the nations. SEBTS works in partnership with the local church to equip students to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. Want to learn more about degrees at SEBTS? Visit

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