Southeastern Partners with Charleston Southern University

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) and the College of Christian Studies at Charleston Southern University (CSU) are partnering to provide undergraduate students with an accelerated and affordable BA to Advanced MDiv track.

The new Bachelor of Arts to Advanced Master of Divinity partnership provides CSU undergraduates with a seamless pathway to Southeastern’s world-class theological and ministerial training in the Advanced MDiv program. This partnership ensures that CSU undergraduates in the College of Christian Studies meet the course requirements to be further equipped for Great Commission ministry in the Advanced MDiv program. 

“As Baptists, cooperation is in our DNA,” said SEBTS Provost Keith Whitfield. “We are grateful to partner with an institution like Charleston Southern University, who shares the same passion for equipping students for vocational and marketplace ministry for the twenty-first century.” Students who participate in this new partnership will be uniquely equipped with a robust biblical and theological education to serve the Church and engage society. 

As Baptists, cooperation is in our DNA.

“This agreement is an expression of mutual confidence,” said Dr. Benjamin Phillips, Dean of the College of Christian Studies at CSU. “CSU’s College of Christian Studies is proud to encourage our graduates to consider earning their seminary degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, the institution at which several of our faculty earned their masters and doctoral degrees. This agreement also expresses the confidence of one of the world’s largest, most affordable, and finest conservative, evangelical seminaries in our students and the training they receive in CSU’s College of Christian Studies.” 

The Advanced MDiv is designed to prepare pastors, missionaries, and other Christian workers for a life of effective kingdom service. Students enrolled in the Advanced MDiv program graduate and enter the ministry more quickly because the program assumes significant undergraduate prerequisites in biblical and theological studies. To find out more about admissions requirements and program specifics, please visit the Academic Catalog linked here.  

Counselors at both the CSU and the SEBTS admissions offices will be able to guide students through the process of applying and meeting the requirements of admittance to the Advanced MDiv program. 

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