Featured Resource: Nate Brooks Examines Marital Abuse in Genesis Narrative

Scripture does not shy away from wrestling with the ugliness of people’s sin or Satan’s attempts to thwart God’s gospel promises. In his recent article, published through The Gospel Coalition, Southeastern professor Nate Brooks examines the tragic theme of marital abuse that appears within the book of Genesis, highlighting the destructive and “anti-gospel” nature of sin and especially abuse. Brooks serves as an associate professor of counseling while also working as a counselor at Courage Christian Counseling, LLC.

The article, “Promise and Exploitation: Marital Abuse in the Genesis Narrative,” is a helpful resource for wrestling through a difficult theme in Scripture. Even in the midst of humanity’s sin, God continues to redeem and rescue; and in light of redemption, God’s people should reflect his heart in seeking to oppose the abuser and defend the abused.

“God could have picked any number of sins to highlight at the beginning of his revelation,” Brooks observes in his article, “yet he consistently points us to how the exploitation of one’s spouse is antithetical to the promise of coming redemption.”

Read the full article at thegospelcoalition.org.

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