Information Technology Resources for Staff:

[Unless otherwise indicated, all logins use your network ID and password]


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[Get to your Outlook email from a browser]

Login to Webmail

[Use your normal campus login (with full email address) then click the Outlook icon]


CampusNet student portal

[Login to the CampusNet portal and hover over menu items and click to access the services shown below]:

Login to CampusNet 

Hover over Menu and sub-items and click to access



[Online classes, tests, quizzes]

   Before using Moodle for the first time, please read these recommended
Moodle Browser Settings



Getting Started with Moodle V2
[Moodle V2 Orientation]

Click this link at the bottom of a Moodle page to see help
[Course instructors and assistants can get help on a page by clicking the Moodle Docs link at the bottom]


Click to see list of SEBTS Moodle Tutorials
[SEBTS Moodle Turorials (short screen videos) show how to set up many aspects of your online course]

   Self-Service [course registration, schedule, grades, transcript, pay for tuition/housing, Student/Faculty directory]  Login to Self-Service

Register for Courses in Self-Service
[Get Started]

Export Moodle Final Grades to Self-Service
[Tutorial: Export Moodle final grades to PowerCampus]

Southeastern 1Card (under Student Life menu)
[Learn about the 1Card, Add money, View your balance and transactions, Setup a guest account, See accepting merchants, etc.]

View Southeastern 1Card website

1Card FAQs


(Get help for various Information Technologies)

Click the Help link in the top tabs of CampusNet to view the

HelpDesk at Southeastern

 This HelpDesk has many FAQs organized by department

(and a full-text search)

Windows login & Password Change (PC)

[Via Windows Security - accessed via Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your PC]

To change Network password:

Method 1: [via Windows]
Click Ctrl-Alt-Delete and click Change Password]

Method 2: [Via Self-Service]
Change Password

Add Email
Signature for Outlook

Login to edit your Outlook signature 

Info on disabling Outlook signature for new emails (required for using SEBTS generator):
1. On Outlook, click File - Options - Mail
2. Click the "Signatures" button
3. Set the default signature for New messages to None
4. Click the OK buttons until done.

Payroll portal

[Login with the ID and Password you chose at setup]

[Initially you will get an email from HR with steps to setup your account and password] [Click tabs to control account settings, view pay stubs, HR & tax forms,  request time off, etc.]
Facilities Workorders

Facilities Workorders

Submit Help Requests

Submit SEBTS Help Requests

[Use tabs at top of screen to select the type of request]

Request help for:
 IT issues
 Media Services
 Social media submission
 Website edits
 Facilities workorders
 New employee accounts

Travel Arrangements
[Travel Office approval required]

Login to Travel site
[To request a login, contact Travel Office - x2319]

Travel FAQs for SEBTS Travelers

SharePoint Documents
[Various forms and business documents]


SharePoint logo
[Login with your SEBTS ID and password



[Browse or use search field at top to find the document or form you want]

Phone System

  • External Voice Mail number:
    • - Press #, then enter your extension number and mailbox password at the prompts.
  • Internal Phone Directory: x8000 (from campus only)

Star2star portal:


Has controls for:

  -Speed Dials
  -Phone Options
  -User Info
  -Find-Me / Follow-Me
  -CallerID Blocking
  -Print (or view) Company Directory

Setup & Function Guides:

View online: 

Polycom 311 & 411 phones (non-touchscreen)

Polycom 501 phones (touchscreen) 


Download PDF:

Polycom 311 & 411 phones (non-touchscreen)

Polycom 501 phones (touchscreen)




- Fax: For all phone numbers, simply enter the normal 10-digit phone number string [ex: 9195551212  Enter]
[Note that the 9 prefix, department code and pauses are not required now]



Copier/Printer Manual
(Ricoh MP3554 / 4054):

User Guide for Ricoh MP3554 & MP4054 Copier/Printers

[Click a section or search on the function for which you need help]