Pay-per-Use Copying

Copier with both 1Card reader and Coin station              1Card Reader

Copier Locations: Library Reference Desk copiers on the 1st floor of the Library

  [All 3 copiers accept payment by Southeastern 1Cards, and one of them also accepts coins]

Login: If paying with your 1Card funds, swipe your Student ID card in the green card reader beside the copier and follow the steps below:

How to use - Instructions:

1Card Instructions Sign

 5¢ per side
Billing: Your Southeastern 1Card Cash account will be charged for the number of copies made

Payment Alternative - Pre-pay at Circulation Desk:

You can pre-pay for a certain number of copies and be given a temporary card to use for those copies.

Green Alternative - Free Electronic Scanning:

If you don't need a paper copy, use the Scanner function on the copiers at the Reference Desk and email the file to yourself.

Here are the steps (See the library staff if you need help doing the scan):

   1. Press the copier's "Scanner" button

   2. On the touch screen: Press the "Manual Entry" soft-key - Enter your email when the keyboard appears - Press OK

   3. Place item being copied on the glass (or feeder tray, if loose sheets) and press copier's "Start" button

Copier Scan Controls