Wireless Printing

  Print to Library Computer Lab URL: print.sebts.edu

Printer Locations:

   Computer Lab printer  (For more information on the Lab location, see Computer Labs help page)

   Reference Desk printer  (On first floor of Library)

You can submit a print job from anywhere on campus that your laptop is connected to the "Southeastern" wireless network.  Release and pick up your printout at the print station you select.  Your job will be released and printed when you use your Southeastern 1Card to pay for it. 
Note:  Any job not printed within 3 hours of submission will be automatically deleted from the print queue.

Submitting a Job: 
 1. Make a wireless connection to the "Southeastern" network
 2. From your browser, enter this URL:  print.sebts.edu
 3. From the "Web Printing" welcome screen, press the PRINT button
 4. On the Step 1 screen, choose a printer by selecting its link:
     "Library - Lab Printer"
or "Library - Ref Printer".
 5. On the Step 2 screen, select a file from your computer or a web URL;  you can adjust the number of copies or pages to be printed, if desired
 7. On the Step 3 screen, adjust the Paper Size, Duplex and Orientation options as desired
 8. You will see a Job Submission screen that shows the progress and confirms the job is submitted

To Release Your Printouts: Go to the print release station next to the printer (Computer Lab or Reference Desk) - select the job having your file name or web URL - and use your Southeastern 1Card to pay for and release your job.

[The instructions below are also posted near the release station]
Price: 5¢ per side

Billing: Charges are deducted from your 1Card

Sign at Print Release Stations