First-Time Hybrid Scholarship for Distance Students

Receive a scholarship for your first hybrid course at Southeastern!

A $250 scholarship is available to eligible distance learning students who are taking their first hybrid course through Southeastern. This scholarship will be available until the scholarship fund runs out! If you are a distance learning student who is taking your first hybrid class at Southeastern, apply now!

What are the eligibility requirements?

step 1

Be enrolled in your first hybrid class at Southeastern

Hybrid classes utilize online lectures and assignments along with on-campus class time. For one weekend of the semester, hybrid students come to campus for face-to-face interaction. Friday and Saturday class meetings provide a way to remain living at a distance and interact with other students and professors.

step 2

Have a 2.0 cumulative GPA or above (new students without a GPA may apply)

You can find information relevant to your GPA and Academic Plan through our Self-Service Portal on CampusNet. Please note that this scholarship is for eligible distance learning students only and is not available for residential or on-campus students. Additionally, certificate students and credit-only students are not eligible for this scholarship.

step 3

Attend the Hybrid Weekend

Students will be notified if they have been awarded on December 13, 2023. The scholarship amount will be applied in full to the recipient’s student account. If we have remaining scholarships after that point, we will continue to notify students as they apply.