Our Leadership

Daniel L. Akin

A Letter from the President

I do not mind telling you, right from the very beginning, that Southeastern is a dangerous place to attend seminary.

It is dangerous because we will challenge you — I will challenge you — to consider afresh your calling and what it is God wants you to do for His kingdom and His glory. At Southeastern, we do not primarily ask, “Why should I go carry the Gospel to the nations?” Rather, we ask, “Why should I stay in my homeland when there are so many who have not heard?”

That does not mean we believe everyone is called to the international mission field. But many are, and all of our students, in every degree program, will be encouraged to think globally about their faith and their ministry, whether studying to be a pastor, counselor, youth minister, educator, missionary, or anything else.

Whatever God chooses you to do, we would welcome you to study in Wake Forest with us. Southeastern features world-class programs in missions, ethics, counseling, preaching, apologetics and more than a dozen other concentrations designed to strengthen and equip the future leaders of Christ’s church.

So, if your plan is to cruise through your degree program and get a cushy job in a comfortable place where there are no challenges or hardships, perhaps you had better think again. But if your goal is to lay everything on the line for the Gospel and pursue the Great Commission as your highest calling, then I know you will find a home at Southeastern.

For His Glory

Dr. Daniel Akin - President

Cabinet Members