Campus Security

The Department of Campus Security exists to maintain a safe and secure campus environment and to protect the institution’s assets in order to facilitate Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s mission. To meet this mission, we employ Security Officers to monitor our campus 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year, including nights, weekends and holidays. Campus Security also works closely with the Wake Forest Police Department, the Wake Forest Fire Department and Wake County EMS to ensure fast responses to any needs or emergencies that might arise on Southeastern’s campus.

The Director of Campus Security is Dr. Michael Lawson. Dr. Lawson came to Southeastern from a background in law enforcement. He was a Deputy Sheriff in South Carolina before being hired as a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. He also served in the US Army Reserves as a Chemical Officer. Currently, in addition to being the Director of Campus Security, Dr. Lawson serves as a Chaplain for the Wake Forest Police Department and an Auxiliary Police Officer. For over a decade now, Dr. Lawson has also served on the Wake Forest Tactical Service Unit as a Master SWAT Operator and most recently, as a sniper on the team.

Campus Security is located on the second floor of Broyhill Hall and can be reached anytime by calling (919) 291-1903.

You may also reach Campus Security by e-mailing [email protected] or visiting their offices in Broyhill Hall.

Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and The College at Southeastern abide by the Student Right-to-Know, the Campus Security Act of 1990 and the Higher Education Act Reauthorization of 2008. Southeastern makes information concerning campus crime statistics available to the campus community. This information is also available to prospective Southeastern employees and students upon request.

Safety Trainings

At Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, we want our students to enjoy our welcoming campus while keeping safety and security standards in mind. Our staff is committed to ensuring that Southeastern remains a place where students can feel comfortable and secure as they discover their part in God’s mission. That’s why we routinely provide safety trainings to help maintain a comfortable community for all of our students.

Active Shooter Training

*This video contains dramatization of an active shooter scenario. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the event of a shooting, campus security recommends a Run, Hide, Fight active shooter response model as described in this training video. The video focuses on running or evacuating the area if you hear shooting. If you cannot run, then hide. Barricade yourself in a room with the lights off and put your phone on silent. As a last resort, fight. Use whatever improvised weapons you have at your disposal and fight to stop the threat.

If you see something suspicious, please call Campus Security to investigate. If there is an obvious threat, call 911, or to reach the Wake Forest Police emergency line directly, call (919) 556-9111. Campus Security works closely with the Wake Forest Police Department in preparing for these types of scenarios. Campus Security also performs regular security checks, monitors campus buildings and property, and has campus lockdown procedures in place for your safety.

Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention


Sex Offense Awareness and Prevention

Sex Offense Awareness and Prevention Training