Did you know Southeastern offers options to pursue multiple degrees to equip you for ministry more effectively and efficiently? Learn how you can earn two degrees in less time.

Pursuing Multiple Master's Degrees

If a student is pursuing two graduate degrees at SEBTS simultaneously:

  • Up to 2/3 of the first degree can be shared with the second degree.
  • 1/3 of the second degree must be unique to that degree.

For students pursuing an MDiv and MA concurrently at SEBTS, all of the required hours for the MDiv and at least 1/3 of the total hours of the MA need to be completed.

  • This 1/3 must be credit hours unique to the MA and not shared with the MDiv.

MA or MDiv to DMin

Students can seamlessly complete a Master of Arts or Master of Divinity followed by a Doctor of Ministry degree in 5 years or more. The Doctor of Ministry program seeks to meet accreditation standards for Master of Divinity equivalency by evaluating students through a wide range of academic and ministerial aspects, graded on a comprehensive rubric.  To meet the six criteria established by ATS for MDiv equivalency, students without an MDiv must complete a Qualification Packet in which they demonstrate mastery in theological integration. The DMin Committee evaluates each applicant’s qualification packet to verify that each of the six criteria has been met. All DMin applicants must receive a minimum score on the comprehensive rubric, as well as have three or more Committee members recommend acceptance to the DMin program to be unconditionally admitted.

MA or MDiv to EdD

  • Admission to the Doctor of Education program requires a master’s degree of any kind, whether MA or MDiv.
  • Students must have taken at least 12 hours total of theology, New Testament, and Old Testament courses. All Southeastern master’s degrees meet this requirement.
  • Students must take a master’s level statistics course. This can be taken as a prerequisite or concurrently, after admission into the EdD program.
  • Students can complete both an MA and and EdD at Southeastern in just 5 years!

MA or MDiv to ThM

  • All MDiv programs provide all prerequisites for admission to the ThM program
  • For MA graduates, students must ensure they have completed the prerequisites found on this page, whether as part of the MA or not.
  • Upper-level (6000 or higher) master’s courses completed that were not part of MA or MDiv degree requirements and were not prerequisites for admission to the ThM program may be considered to transfer in to the ThM as elective credits.

ThM to PhD

  1. The ThM Program allows you to take up to four PhD seminars. Any seminar that is in your PhD program that you make an A in at the ThM level can transfer into the PhD program.
  2. Earning A’s in three seminars in your field of study qualifies you to skip our PhD entrance exams.
  3. Earning A’s in all four seminars in your field of study equates to completing half of your major seminars for your PhD program.
  4. Your research project at the end of your ThM program (non-thesis track) can potentially be revised to make up one chapter of your PhD dissertation.

Students typically only add a semester to a year to complete both the ThM and PhD programs.