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Global Theological Initiatives seeks to employ the resources of SEBTS to benefit theological education through strategic partnerships around the world.

  • Partnerships with majority world entities such as denominational conventions, seminaries, Bible colleges, and missions sending agencies.
  • Educational cohorts for faculty, administrators, strategic denominational leaders, and local church trainers.
  • Training for faculty to enhance their institution’s capabilities to deliver high quality training to the larger populations of national local church leaders within their context.
  • Leadership training on six continents.
  • Theological training where none existed.
  • Adjunctive teaching for national entities in times of development.
  • Institutional assessments of libraries, IT, curriculum, etc.

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People Initiatives

  • Persian Leadership Development

    The Persian Leadership Development Office seeks to train Farsi speaking leaders throughout the world. To our knowledge, this is the first accredited degree-level training in Farsi offered from a seminary.
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  • Hispanic Leadership Development

    The Hispanic Leadership Development Office seeks to train Spanish speaking leaders throughout the world. We do this by offering various degree programs through a variety of delivery methods. We believe that training Hispanic leaders is an essential aspect of making disciples of all nations.
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  • East Asian Leadership Initiative

    East Asian Leadership Initiative seeks to train and equip East Asian leaders for the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We focus on engaging leaders across East Asia who serve both in theological education and the local church.
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  • Special Projects and Partnerships

    The Special Projects and Partnerships Office works to create and maintain innovative partnerships in geographic or linguistic areas outside the purview of the other GTI Initiatives. This office also seeks to develop creative opportunities for women in the majority world to access theological education.
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  • “If theological education is to genuinely become the responsibility of the indigenous believers of East Africa, it is essential that we train a generation of African theologians to the highest international standards. The master's course provided by SEBTS is vital as a stepping stone toward identifying those students able to move to the next level.”

    Adjunct Teacher

    Uganda Baptist Seminary Cohort

  • “We praise God for the partnership with SEBTS. Through this partnership, SEBTS is coming alongside Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary and training our faculty and other church leaders in Ukraine to provide high quality education that is accredited.”

    Dean of Theology

    Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary

  • “I am committed to attend all the courses until I complete the program as I know that what I am learning is not only helping me, but it is giving me very practical tools to serve God and His people better, more confidently, and more broadly.”

    GTI Student

    East Asia

  • “The quality of the training is excellent. It has been a tremendous blessing for our students.”

    MTS Field Coordinator


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