Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Our graduate certificates are tailor-made for students looking for seminary training in a flexible and easily accessible format. Students in the certificate program have the flexibility to continue serving the church while getting the ministry preparation they need for effective ministry. Our graduate degrees are perfect for anyone looking for an on-ramp into seminary degrees, specialized training in addition to a current degree track, or alumni wanting to take specific courses for more effective ministry.

Graduate Certificate Highlights:

• Each 3-Credit Graduate-Level Class is only $300.
• All classes (12 credits) in a Graduate Certificate are eligible to transfer into a Master’s degree.
• All Graduate Certificate classes are offered either on campus, online, or in hybrid formats.
• Graduate certificates allow students to receive high-quality theological education in the same classroom alongside MA and MDiv peers.

Christian Ethics:

The Certificate in Christian Ethics provides students with a theological foundation for Christian ethics. The program offers flexibility in course options, allowing for students to take three electives in the area of Christian ethics. These courses include options such as Ethics of War and Peace, Christian Sexual Ethics, and Created Order and Environmental Ethics.


• ETH 5100 - Introduction to Christian Ethics
• 3 Additional Graduate-Level Christian Ethics Electives numbered ETH 6XXX or 7XXX (Total of 9 Credits)

Christian Ministry:

The Certificate in Christian Ministry is intentionally broad in its focus and is the only certificate that allows students to enroll in any core classes at Southeastern. This program of study is perfect for the person who may be on the fence about entering into a graduate-level program or might be unsure which specific graduate degree to pursue.


• A combination of 4 classes (12 Credits total) in any area of study including Biblical, Theological, or Ministry studies.


Church Revitalization:

The Graduate Certificate in Church Revitalization provides students with the foundational tools necessary for assessing church health, creating structures for strategic growth, and handling conflict within the local church. Students will gain practical understanding for church growth for the present as they look to models from the past.


• PMN 6600 - Church Revitalization
• PMN 6601 - Knowing Your Church and Community Practicum
• PMN 6602 - The Leader and Church Revitalization
• CED 6500 - Organizational Change and Conflict Resolution

Ministry to Women:

The Graduate Certificate in Ministry to Women prepares students to teach and disciple women in the local church. Students in the program will gain a biblical foundation for ministry to women and an understanding of God's unique plan for women to serve the church and fulfill the Great Commission. Students will also gain an introduction to counseling theory and practice in order to better engage in issues such as abuse, trauma, depression, and anxiety among women.

*Please note, the required courses for the graduate certificate in ministry to women's courses are only offered in the fall.


• CED 6210 - Foundations for Ministry to Women
• CED 6260 - Biblical Theology of Womanhood
• CED 6300 - Bible Exposition for Ministry to Women
• BCO 5501 - Counseling Women


Student Ministry:

The Graduate Certificate in Student Ministry provides students with biblical foundations for student ministry that will equip them to create a Great Commission culture within their student ministries. Students in this program will be trained to think critically about cultural issues and family dynamics facing students and the implications those issues have on student ministry today.


• CED 6810 - Foundations of Student Ministry
• CED 6813 - Missional Student Ministry
• CED 6817 - Ministry Issues in Student Ministry
• PMN 6500 - Pastoral Ministry and Leadership

Teaching English as a Second Language:

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) trains students to effectively teach English in cross-cultural contexts. Students will learn best practices for teaching English and will gain a foundational understanding in language development for non-native speakers.


• GEN 5510 - Second Language Acquisition
• GEN 5520 - English Grammar
• GEN 5530 - ESL Teaching Methods
• GEN 5540 - TESL Internship

Worship Ministry:

The Graduate Certificate in Worship Ministry prepares students to lead worship in the local church. Students will learn the theological and biblical foundations for worship both in the classroom and learn to apply worship leadership in a ministry context.


• EVA 6610 - Personal Discipleship & Disciple-making
• PMN 6540 - The Ministry of Worship
• THE 7510 - The Doctrine of Worship
• MUS 7678 - Workshop in Music Ministry

Application and Enrollment Process

The application and admissions process for Graduate Certificate Programs uses the normal graudate admissions procedures. For the full graduate admissoins process and requirements, please see Graduate Admissions Policies. By completing the graduate admissions application, any student wishing to transfer into a MDiv or MA program need only to complete an application change form and pay the credit-leveling fee to enter the program. Admitted students will receive a SEBTS Student ID with access to the Self-Service portal for registration and access to CampusNet (our class management platform).

Requirements for Admissions:

• A nonrefundalbe application fee of $40
• Completed Criminal Background Check - You will be given instructions within the application for completing this requirement.
• Three Character Reference Forms (one must be from the pastor you have known for more than 1 year)
• Medication Information Form or Immunication History Form
• Transcripts from all post-secondary schools attended
• A signed Southeastern Covenant Form - which is the last section of your application
• You will also be required to submit a spouse reference form if you are married or engaged.
• For all admissions requirements, please visit the Graduate Admissions Policies.

To transfer credits to another institution or request a transcript of complete courses, please contact the Office of the Registrar. Please note that to transfer credits to another institution for full graduate credit, student will be responsible for paying the credit-leveling fee.