The MDiv with Ministry to Women is a degree program that exists to prepare students with a robust theological education to lead and serve in a wide variety of family, church, and missions ministries.

Students in this program will develop the skills for church staff and denominational ministries to women; evangelistic work; women’s conference ministries; advocacy work; teaching the Bible; and addressing the practical, moral and spiritual needs of women. In this program, you’ll learn from women and ministry leaders who have a passion for equipping women for ministry leadership as theologians. Students will be equipped with an understanding of the biblical theology of womanhood and the ability to minister effectively to women.

Options for the Program:

  • Available as Distance Learning

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At a Glance

  • 70

    mdiv hours

  • 9

    ministry to women hours

  • 6

    ministry to women elective hours

  • 85

    total hours

Program Courses

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