Discipleship and Mentoring

The EdD in Discipleship and Mentoring is a terminal degree program that prepares students to develop others who are called to serve through discipleship and mentoring. Students in this program will develop the skills to teach in the local church and in higher education, problem solve using social science research techniques, and influence thinking in this field through writing that is both biblical and academically persuasive. In this program, you’ll learn from pastors and missionaries who have a passion for making disciples and building up others in Christ. Students will be equipped for ministry with a better understanding of the biblical and theological foundations for missional disciple-making and the methodologies for effective mentoring.

  • Modified Residency

  • Residential

At a Glance

  • 42

    Classroom Hours

  • 6

    Mentorship Hours

  • 12

    Dissertation Research Hours

  • 60

    Total Hours

Program Courses

Southeastern did not meet my expectations for a theological classroom. It rewrote my expectations for a theological classroom. They taught me to be in love with God's word and summon people to my loves.

Ricardo Sanchez EdD alum

EdD in Context


  • Teach in the local church and higher education

  • Develop others who are called to serve through discipleship and mentoring

Why Should Someone Get An EdD?

Pursuing a Doctor of Education degree at Southeastern gives you a rare opportunity to interact with proven scholars in fields related to educational leadership. You can anticipate growing in leadership competencies such as critical thinking and problem-solving, academic research, and teaching in a variety of ministry contexts.

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